Sunday, 22 June 2008

Acknowledge your Mr G

Over dinner last night, a friend of mine urged me to check out an Australian comedy called 'Summer Heights High'. She said that there is a character called Mr G who reminds her of a mutual acquaintance of ours. So I spent this morning indulging myself in clips of Mr G on You Tube. My friend was right about the resemblance! As I was doubling over with laughter, I realised that every time when I go to a new place of work, study or residence, there is always a 'Mr G' character in my vicinity - not just as a background influence, but as a prominent fixture in my life - to the point of annoyance in some cases.

Through my astrological studies, I have learnt that oppositions in birth charts signify parts of our personality which we disown and so would end up projecting onto another person around us. Therefore, these 'Mr G's around me are technically reflecting my own Mr G tendency!

I have always considered myself to be quiet, shy and humble and have been told so many times. However, through discussions with trusted friends lately, I come to discover a different aspect of myself. They have recounted incidents where I was displaying assertive behaviours (which I have no recollection of at all! Hence reinforcing the fact that I am refusing to owe that part of me, and so would often end up attracting people with that trait as a way of mirroring it back to me). Perhaps I need to acknowlegde my assertive, bold and even egotistical sides and see if these Mr Gs would then cease to irritate me...

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