Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Full Moon in Leo 2012

What did you wish for back on 23rd January under the Aquarius New Moon, favouring long-term goals, benefiting the masses?  On 7th February (9.54pm GMT), under the Leo Full Moon (18 degrees 31 mins), we get a glimpse of our progress so far.  Besides bringing a resolution or reaching a culmination point, full moons can also bring light to a situation, showing you what you may have missed before.  The two-week period between the full moon and the next new moon is an optimal time to release things which no longer work.

With this Full Moon (Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo), we are reminded that even though we are part of a whole (reinforced by Neptune entering Pisces on 3rd February), we must also leave our own mark and incorporate our passion in what we do (Leo).  It is about gaining a balance between selfishness & selflessness.  We don't want too much of either one.  With a tight conjunction between the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius, there is a strong tendency to focus on the group mind.  Believe it or not, we are all going after similar goals - peace and happiness.  Identify what makes your heart sing and focus on that.  God has created someone else to help those you cannot reach - it merely is a division of labour; embrace your uniqueness (Sun semi-square Uranus) and overcome obstacles (Sun quincunx Mars in retrograde).  

The Aquarius New Moon was immediately followed by a Mars retrograde.  This Leo Full Moon is preceded by a Saturn retrograde.  There is a collective need to introspect - to go within and work out what our life lessons are, to understand the need to relate/interact with one another and to be amicable without being a doormat (Saturn in Libra quincunx Venus in Pisces).

Where is this Leo Full Moon illuminating in your chart?

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  1. Its in my 6th House. It trines my 16 Aries Mars

  2. So it's flagging up issues related to work (again!) and the trine to Mars is likely to allow you to tap into that Martian energy of yours (that's intercepted in your 1st house). Be assertive without being aggressive.

  3. thanks for a lot of information and eye opening knowledge have given by your post. your blogging has become more useful as its aging elder. thanks.

  4. Thank you S B Tamare. Nice to 'see' you on here again:-)

  5. 7th house for me. I'm an Aquarian. I've been dreaming about my ex-husband (a Libran) lately. . .he left me in '06 for another woman (also a Libran), and I know I have major "trust" issues. I think he is repenting. . .

  6. Welcome Anonymous. Does your Sun conjunct the transiting Sun? Full moons can also be a time of release. Perhaps your dreams are helping you to see the situation more clearly or from a different perspective?

  7. I'm not sure if there's a conjunction, but I think you're right about them showing me a different perspective on the matter. When he insisted on divorcing, he mentioned something about "it wasn't an option". Through research I discoverd (a couple of years later) that he immediately remarried and a child existed. Basically, he had an affair which resulted in an accidental pregnancy. I think he was "obligated" from that point (in our 11 years marriage we didn't have children). He doesn't know that I know his secret as we haven't communicated since the divorce. As you can imagine, I've been angry and unforgiving. But the dreams are showing me that he married because of the child. He looks sad and remorseful, while the child (a daughter) looks radiant. Also, the child's name is appearing regularly in print and audio (while I'm awake). It's an uncommon name, so I know it's a message for me. In one dream, he sends a note to my sister and the child also writes some encouraging lines as in supplication for a reconciliation. The words "married" and "separated" are included, so I wouldn't be surprised if he's having marital problems, especially that Uranus (revolution/change) is transiting their 7th house, Pluto (transformation) is transiting the 4th, and Neptune (illusion) is moving out of the 5th! I, on the other hand, have lost faith. I don't believe in marriage, love, relationships, or men. Strangely, horoscopes for aquarians point to children this year. I cannot even imagine. Do you do personal charts? Thanks. Lynn

  8. Thank you for sharing your personal experience with us Lynn. You can email me for personal readings.

  9. How would I calculate which house it is in of mine on my natal chart?

  10. Welcome Jeni James. Do you have a copy of your birth chart? If not, you could get a free copy from

    Otherwise, find the Leo cusp on your chart. Look for the Leo symbol/glyph:

    Then find 18°31'. Let us know if you're still having trouble locating it....

  11. house 8 for me, is it a good time to make a big move? like giving notice at work? thanks

  12. Hi Anonymous. I wouldn't be in a position to answer that question just by knowing the Full Moon falls in your 8th house. Why don't you ask yourself why you want to resign and what you want to do afterwards? Obviously, it's something that's been playing on your mind. It might be an idea to voice that to a close friend?

  13. I am enjoying your blog, i am starting on learning transits and i find the information helpful because its not just 'this trines this and equals that', its got a bit more personality to it!

    I have the full moon in Leo in my 5th house, sq my Asc, jupiter, dsc, and Trine Moon and Chiron (thankfully misses my leo stellium). So this should be an interesting one, i feel its going to be a strong one already as the build up started early!

    learning the moon phases should be mandatory for Cancarians like me, even if its just knowing what sign the moon is in, its a big help!

    What orb do you use for transits?
    Thank you


  14. My moon sign is Leo, sun is Scorpio... Hmm, don't know what to expect..

  15. Welcome Nik. Glad to hear you're enjoying my blog:-)

    As for orbs, I use 1 degree as the standard rule, but I'm aware of people out there (myself included) who feel transits a lot earlier.. I have read about sensitive souls who feel them at well over 10 degrees of orb! So I would say to people the effect is particularly strong when it is within an orb of 1 degree, and when it is exact, I refer to it as a peak. But then I'll say 'you might be sensitive enough to feel it earlier than that'.

  16. Welcome Georgia!

    That depends on whether the Full Moon conjunct your natal Moon, and if your natal Moon square your natal Sun. Also the houses of your Sun and Moon.

  17. Thank you for the welcome, I am enjoying reading your blog!
    Sun Scorpio 29° 4' in house 1 Moon Leo 16° 41' in house 8

    Mercury Sagittarius 20° 23' in house 1

    Venus Scorpio 8° 17' in house 11 Mars Sagittarius 14° 19' in house 1 Jupiter Leo 9° 1' in house 8

    Saturn Virgo 12° 56' in house 9

    Uranus Scorpio 17° 28' in house 12

    Neptune Sagittarius 17° 20' in house 1 Pluto Libra 18° 10' in house 10

    Ascendant Scorpio 24° 41' in house 1

    Midheaven Libra 1° 4' in house 10 Node True Virgo 24° 18' in house 9 2 Sagittarius 26° 38' in house 2 3 Aquarius 18° 38' in house 3 4 Aries 1° 4' in house 4 5 Aries 26° 30' in house 5 6 Taurus 12° 53' in house 6

  18. Thanks for that Georgia - might be easier to see the actual chart though ;-)

    No square between your Sun and Moon but the Leo Full Moon is loosely conjunct (2degree orb) your natal Moon in 8th. Your chart ruler is Pluto (& Mars). Your Pluto is in 10th sextile Leo Full Moon. Your outer planets Neptune trine the full moon in 1st and square your Uranus in 12th (ruled by Pluto/Mars). Any info concerning your emotional security/shared resources/other people's money/investment? Support from a powerful authority figure? Hidden potential being forced out into the open/ sudden changes/ behind the scenes work - how do these transits relate to your current life?

  19. Hello!

    I enjoyed reading your blog. Astrology always fascinates me!

    I can't figure out which house it is in for me. I'm an Aquarius with moon sign in Leo. Please help :)

  20. thanks for your wonderful site. this full moon conjuncts my Leo ascendant within 1degree orb, natal sun in 1st house virgo. Am in a state of flux - moving house, and have lacked my usual motivation for a number of work projects

  21. Welcome Rex!

    Do you have a copy of your birth chart? For that, you'll need your birth time, as accurately as possible. You can go to to get a free chart..,

  22. Welcome Number Six!

    I wonder if the lack of motivation is related to Mars in Virgo retrograding in your 1st house? Possibly aspecting something in your chart...(eg your natal sun)..,

  23. What about full moon at the end of 1st house, almost second, conjunct natal Sun in Leo and conjunct natal Mars. Any idea what should I expect... I have an important decision to take today. Shall I call my ex or no... I have to, but I don't want to...

  24. Hi Anonymous. You have to make that decision yourself but there appears to be a lot of masculine energy (Sun and Mars) being linked up to the Full Moon. Full Moons are culmination points, bringing resolutions or light to a situation so calling him could bring you info that you were unaware of before...

    Best of luck with whatever you plan to do.

  25. the full moon is in my 6th house, conjunct my jupiter exact and 3 deg from my sun, loose opposition to my 28deg aquarius moon in the 12th...

    1. Welcome Naomi Ruth!

      6th house is associated with your workplace/colleagues/daily routine/mundane life/service to others, so full moon here plus conjunct your Jupiter may bring some happy /optimistic news in these areas?

  26. Hello,
    Thank you, this is a very interesting article and your question triggered my interest. SO I tried to figure out in which house I have Leo etc. and this is what I found: 6 leo 13°16'11" 16°50'10" N
    Can you make something out of it?

    1. Welcome MJ!

      Is the '6' in front of Leo the 6th house? Whereabouts is the Leo 'slice' on your chart?

  27. Thanks for your welcome. :) You were on the money for the Mars retrograde, it's 1 1/2 degrees conjunct my natal sun. Also noticed that Saturn retrograde is a few minutes conjunct natal Venus on my 3rd house Libra/Scorpio cusp.

    I think the combo is making my negotiations with a new landlord abrupt. Hope it all goes through. My understanding is that moon over ascendant supports negotiations, boo on that Saturn/Venus though.

    1. Good luck with that negotiation:-)

      Just be firm and clear so no misunderstandings.

  28. So I went to and entered my information.

    There's a table beside my chart. This is what it sais...

    Sun = 5 Aqu 57' 22°
    Moon = 8 Leo 20' 57°
    Mercury = 1 Aqu 59' 17°
    Venus = 7 Aqu 31' 34°
    Mars = 25 Sco 48' 53°
    Jupiter = 23 Aqu 55' 53°
    Saturn = 7 Sag 30' 34°
    Uranus = 20 Sag 50' 48°
    Neptune = 4 Cap 29' 42°
    Pluto = 7 Sco 18' 23°
    True Node = 4 Tau 22' 1°
    Chiron = 9 Gem 29' 19°r

    AC = 20 Cap 4' 2:11 Pis 10' 3:23 Ari 11'

    MC = 20 Sco 32' 11:10 Sag 49' 12:29 Sag 8'

    I have NOOO idea what that means...

  29. Thanks Rex. Might be easier to see the actual chart though, but my guess is that the full moon falls in your 7th house of partnerships but it doesn't link up to your Moon. Any enlightening news on the relationship front- romantic or business? Could also be related to court cases.

  30. How did you figure out that it's in my 7th house? I'm reading up on it, but don't seem to get it. lol

    No, news on the relationship side. I'm single :(

  31. Hello again,

    Yes, the 6 in front of Leo means 6th house. Sorry about the confusion. Ok, I am copying and pasting the information in here, since I am a total novice at this.

    Planetary positions:

    planet sign degree motion

    Sun Capricorn 11°26'43 in house 10 direct

    Moon Pisces 2°15'15 in house 12 direct

    Mercury Sagittarius 21°01'10 in house 9 direct

    Venus Scorpio 25°39'20 in house 8 direct

    Mars Capricorn 15°49'23 in house 10 direct

    Jupiter Leo 6°50'13 in house
    5 retrograde

    Saturn Virgo 13°52'14 in house 6 stationary (R)

    Uranus Scorpio 19°45'46 in house 8 direct

    Neptune Sagittarius 18°53'01 in house 9 direct

    Pluto Libra 19°06'44 in house 7 direct

    True Node Virgo 19°57'55 in house 6 retrograde

    I hope this is readable. Thank you for your help!

  32. I'm a Leo rising but this full moon falls in my 12th house. I have a hard time finding any accurate info on the 12th house period. Can you shed any light on what a full moon here might mean?

  33. Hi Rex,

    Sorry, I meant your natal Moon is likely to be in your 7th house. The Full Moon is probably near the 7-8th house cusp, but you might have intercepted signs (signs embedded within a 'slice'/house)....8th house is about seeking emotional security through relationships/investments/other people's money/shared resources/sexuality/the occults/taboo subjects - any news there? Might be easier to see the actual chart. If you're desperate, see if there're any astrologers near you who can tie it all up for you:-)

  34. Hi MJ,

    Might be easier to see the actual chart, but going by what you're saying and what you've posted, your Full Moon falls in your 6th house of daily routine/workplace/service to others (what's the degree at the cusp/'door' of 6th house? It might be on the 5/6th cusp instead...) and it square (loosely) your Uranus in 8th so sudden changes in your shared resources, threatening your emotional security - but, I noticed you didn't post your ascendant, which can only be worked out by knowing the birth time - I wonder if your info is a 'flat' chart, i.e. a chart drawn without the birth time, if so, the houses would be irrelevant for you....

  35. Welcome Leo Rising Anonymous!

    I highly recommend you read Dana Gerhardt's articles on the different houses. Here's the link to her 12th house article:

    The 12th house is immersing the self with the Universal love/energy. I find people with planets in this house have a lot of hidden potential, but those talents often need to be forced out by other people or external situations.

    The Full Moon here could shed light on things which have been buried and wanting to see the light. Also worth looking at your Sun sign too, as it is your chart ruler.

    Hope this helps:-)

  36. Hello again,

    So sorry that I did not get the information accurately enough. I don't know what a flat chart is, but my ascendant is aries. I will try again.

    Planetary positions
    Sun Capricorn 11°26'43 house 10 direct
    Moon Pisces 2°15'15 house 12 direct
    Mercury Sagittarius 21°01'10 house 9 direct
    Venus Scorpio 25°39'20 house 8 direct
    Mars Capricorn 15°49'23 house 10 direct
    Jupiter Leo 6°50'13 house 5 retrograde
    Saturn Virgo 13°52'14 house 6 stationary (R)
    Uranus Scorpio 19°45'46 house 8 direct
    Neptune Sagittarius 18°53'01 house 9 direct
    Pluto Libra 19°06'44 house 7 direct
    True Node Virgo 19°57'55 house 6 retrograde

    House positions
    Ascendant Aries 1°18'23
    2nd House Taurus 18°14'33
    3rd House Gemini 12°17'20
    Imum Coeli Cancer 0°30'14
    5th House Cancer 18°48'58
    6th House Leo 13°16'11
    Descendant Libra 1°18'23
    8th House Scorpio 18°14'33
    9th House Sagittarius 12°17'20
    Medium Coeli Capricorn 0°30'14
    11th House Capricorn 18°48'58
    12th House Aquarius 13°16'11

    Major aspects
    Sun Conjunction Mars 4°23
    Sun Trine Saturn 2°26
    Sun Square Pluto 7°40
    Moon Square Venus 6°36
    Mercury Conjunction Neptune 2°08
    Mercury Sextile Pluto 1°54
    Venus Conjunction Uranus 5°54
    Venus Trine Ascendant 5°39
    Mars Trine Saturn 1°57
    Mars Sextile Uranus 3°56
    Mars Square Pluto 3°17
    Jupiter Trine Ascendant 5°32
    Saturn Sextile Uranus 5°54
    Saturn Square Neptune 5°01
    Neptune Sextile Pluto 0°14

    So I guess it means that Leo is in the 5th house and not 6th? I hope this is clearer :).t know what a flat chart is, but my ascendant is aries. I will try again.

    Planetary positions
    Sun Capricorn 11

  37. Thanks for clarifying that,MJ. Then what I said before still stands...

  38. Thank you that's great!


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