Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Perfect Chart

Last week, I attended a long weekend course led by Dr. Deepak Vidmar, an American Astrologer, currently residing in India.  

During this insightful weekend, he mentioned that he had conducted an exercise with a previous group where he asked his participants to create their own perfect charts.  

Over lunch, we had a brief discussion on how to create a 'perfect' chart.  Jupiter in the 2nd house was the immediate favourite, closely followed by Venus in Taurus in 7th house.  We had a slight disagreement over the placement of Saturn - 12th house?  No, too much karmic burden.  10th?  Ummmmm....

Each chart shows the lessons we have agreed to experience in this lifetime.  Wherever we place and whatever the sign we allocate to each planet, there will be advantages and disadvantages.

If you had the choice, where would you place each planet and in which sign?

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