Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Living Astrologically - Full Moon in Cancer 2012

Astrology is about the interpretation of symbols.  Planets, signs, houses and aspects are representations of our mortal world, physically, mentally and spiritually.  

Astrologers make predictions by analysing the symbols involved.  So how did the full moon in Cancer yesterday unfold for you in reality?

For me, I received feedback on a piece of assignment that I had completed on Christmas eve (i.e. Capricorn New Moon).  The insightful feedback received will help me to improve myself for the next piece of work.  This is the essence of a full moon - review, tweak your plans/ideas before returning to the project/work/event (i.e. as we approach the next new moon from the current full moon phase).

However, besides this, I got another message from this full moon.  Full moons are often related to resolutions and culmination points, but they can also be times when you see something clearly, often for the first time.  Compare this to the outward appearance of a full moon - it is placed opposite the Sun and it is reflecting the sun's light full on.  We see the moon completely, clearly, in its entirety.  

As I was getting ready for bed that night, I thought to myself, 'This full moon in Cancer at 18 degrees 27 minutes falls in my 12th house of secrets.  It sextile my NN in 2nd and square Pluto in 3rd.  But nothing happened......'  Then I stopped myself.  A conversation I had with a relative that day came rushing back to me. I recalled her revealing some news to me concerning another family member.  Something about her past that I was interested in but never had the guts to ask.  However, the opportunity just presented itself  so I posed the question, ever so casually, and discovered some shocking info about that relative.  I was stunned as the realisation dawned on me (Full Moon message) that I did 'get' something from this full moon.  In my Cancer 12th house (hidden secrets), sextile NN (I was meant to find out in a causal way), from a relative (Pluto in 3rd).....I personally would sum the Full Moon in 12th house square my natal Pluto in 3rd as 'family gossip'!

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