Thursday, 19 January 2012

Living Astrologically - Emotional Roller-Coaster

I don't normally keep a close check on how each transiting planet affects my own chart.  However, having experienced elation, frustration, offensiveness, sadness and shock, all within 24 hours, I thought I should take a look at what the planets were doing to my own chart.

I was surprised to find that yesterday (17th January 2012), all the transiting planets were in tight/exact aspect to many of my personal planets:

- transiting Sun trine my natal Moon
- transiting Moon trine my natal Sun
- transiting Mercury sextile my Sun
- transiting Venus conjunct my Mars
- transiting Jupiter conjunct my MC
- transiting Saturn square my Jupiter and quincunx my Mercury
- transiting Uranus conjunct my Mercury
- transiting Neptune quincunx my Jupiter
- transiting Pluto trine my Chiron
- transiting NN square my Sun
- transiting Chiron conjunct my Mars and sextile my MC
- transiting Mars sextile Uranus and square my Neptune (separating)

Do you ever get days like this?

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