Sunday, 15 January 2012

Transiting Venus in Pisces 2012

Venus, the planet of love, fun and values, leaves humanitarian Aquarius and into romantic Pisces on 14th January 2012.  Venus is due to stay in this dreamy sign for just over 3 weeks, until 7th February 2012. This coincides with Saturn going retrograde and a full moon in Leo.  In addition, 12 days into this ingress, Mars will go retrograde in Virgo.  So it looks as if we will be given ample opportunities to review (look for Libra and Leo in your chart) and refine our plans, paying special attention to the smaller details (look for Virgo in your chart).

Venus is exalted in Pisces, meaning that the gentle and romantic Piscean energy is comfortably expressed in this loving planet.  It is like feeling at home in someone else's house. (Venus' 'natural homes' are Libra and Taurus)

The effect of transiting Venus is rather transient as it moves 1 degree 15 minutes per day at its fastest.  During its 3-week sojourn, it will conjunct planets in the sign of Pisces.  Look for Pisces in your chart to see which area of your life will be visited by this Love Goddess.

Venus in Pisces is supposed to be romantic, making you feel attractive, caring and amicable.  For me, I have Pisces on my 8th house cusp.  Tracking Venus in Pisces for the last couple of years, I found that my experience of this transit is anything but lighthearted and romantic, thanks to my natal Sun-Saturn opposition.  When transiting Pisces conjunct my Sun (Mars and SN), making me feel utterly charming and gentle, I have Saturn in Virgo on the other side screaming out warnings, 'Don't let your guard down!  It's not as good as it looks!  You're not worth it!'  Currently, I feel more confident with keeping my Saturn in order.  However, my next task is to make peace with Neptune, as I have a natal Sun-Neptune square, of which I have ignored for the most part of my life.  It's screaming out for attention, especially with Neptune entering Pisces, its natural home, at the start of next month.  I'm working on it Neptune...

Where's Venus transiting in your chart?  Even though Venus in Pisces hasn't brought me any 'nice gifts' in the past, I'm sure it has given loads to others - are you one of those lucky souls?

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  1. Transiting my 12th. :(

    But it will trine my Sun and Sextile my Moon in a week, so no complaints.

  2. 12th house gives you space and time to reflect on your Venusian needs, though your other comment on another thread applies too;-)

  3. Love the blog, btw. Keep up the good work. Trying to get my astro friends to come over here.

  4. Thanks for your support and encouragement! Much appreciated :-)


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