Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Mercury in Aquarius 2012

Having been thinking in a practical and prudent way, Mercury is due to leave the reserved and patient sign of Capricorn and enter unpredictable Aquarius from 27th January (18.11 GMT), where it will stay until 13th February.

Mercury in Aquarius continues the theme of connecting with the 'group mind'.  The New Moon in Aquarius on 23rd January provided the fertile ground to sow seeds of long-range goals, preferably ones with worthy causes, which can benefit the masses.  

The planetary energies are rather interesting.  On the one hand, we have the Aquarian energy, encouraging the need to think outside the box and be different (transiting Uranus sextile Mercury within 24 hours of its ingress into Aquarius), but on the other hand, we have the planet of action, Mars, retrograding in Virgo, discouraging overt actions and impulsive/sudden changes.  In addition, on the day of the Leo Full Moon on 7th February, Mercury will conjunct the Sun but oppose the Moon AND Saturn goes retrograde in Libra, repeating the 'let's shock the world and do it!  It's for the good of humanity!' versus 'Wait a minute, play safe.  Don't just think about your own needs but be aware of those around you too' message.  Full Moons tend to shed light on hidden issues, bringing awareness to anything you have not considered/seen before.  This is followed by the disseminating phase, or 'tweaking' time, where those unknown factors are taken into account and anything which no longer works will need to be released, so a new plan of action may need to be drafted again as we head towards the next New Moon.

By 9th February, Mercury will quincunx Mars, again, reinforcing the discomfort feeling of wanting to shock or do something for the good of others, but not forgetting the need to plan out all the steps in order to make it a reality.  Luckily, before Mercury is due to leave Aquarius, it will make a wonderful trine to Saturn, so after weeding out any unwanted/unrealistic parts, what's left should be sturdy enough to be taken to the next phase.  With Mercury entering romantic Pisces on Valentine's Day and a Pisces New Moon on 21st February (22.34 GMT), our minds can have a break from the high-voltaged energy of Aquarius (ruled by Uranus), and be massaged by the gentle yet vague Pisces.

This Aquarian Mercury will send a shock to my 7th house, oppose my Ascendant, square my MC, Chiron, Uranus and Moon, but sextile my Mercury.  I quite like getting zapped in the mind, it can numb the brain, but I would rather of think it as an invigorating experience, injecting some objectivity and originality into my system for just under 3 weeks.

Where will transiting Mercury in Aquarius visit in your chart?  
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  1. Thanks for this! I was wondering the impact of mercury moving into Aquarius. Not sure where it falls in my own chart and causes impact specifically, something on my
    "to learn" list. :)

  2. Welcome Justine! Just look for Aquarius in your chart and see which house it falls in.....,

  3. @Justine P. Go to if need be.


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