Friday, 27 January 2012

Living Astrologically: When a Pisces, who disowns her Piscean traits, has transiting Moon, Venus and Chiron in Pisces

With my Pisces Sun oppose my Virgo Saturn, I tend to focus on the negative quite heavily.  It's not that I completely dislike my Pisces Sun;  I like to have compassion, but I don't fancy having my kindness being taken advantage of.  I like to be intuitive but I need to be able to take a step back and not get overwhelmed by other people's problems.  One important point I have learned from reading tons of New Age books is that you cannot help others if you are unhappy.  When I'm confused and unfocused, I can't do anything constructive, hence, for the purpose of practicality, I like to identify with my Virgo Saturn, because it helps me to have order in my life.  

All the predictions for 2012 I've seen in newspapers, magazines and the internet gave Pisces a fantastic forecast, saying 2012 will be a great year for Pisces, which, I'm sure, is mainly based on the fact that Neptune enters Pisces this year.  As mentioned previously in another blog post, I'm dreading this move and don't really want to think about what this 'flood' will bring.  Neptune has not enter Pisces at the time of writing, but currently (26th January), we have the Moon, Venus and Chiron in Pisces.  On closer inspection, I find the transiting Moon and Venus conjunct my natal Sun and transiting Chiron (also t. Neptune in Aquarius) conjunct my natal Mars.  In addition, transiting Chiron also sextile my MC, transiting Jupiter conjunct my MC and tightening its conjunction with my natal Chiron (late afternoon of 26th January 2012) and transiting Neptune quincunx my natal Jupiter exactly.  There was an incident which highlighted this combination of aspects quite aptly.  In a nutshell, the Piscean energy heightened my already hypersensitive nature.  I felt my anger button being triggered, even though the speaker had no malicious intent of arousing my anger at all.  I felt incapable and pitiful but at the same time, those unintentionally hurtful words gave me an instant insight into a solution that I had been seeking for the past month.  So my Mars felt bruised, but my Sun was able to receive the message delivered by the Moon-Venus conjunction in Pisces, thanks for the objectivity I derived from Neptune in Aquarius.  So far so good.  I can cope with that....

I was comparing this to another incident that occurred to me the day before (25th January) where I was interrogated about my financial situation during a family reunion.  As a private person, I highly loathe that kind of talk, but with family members, one needs to deal with it as amicably as possible (at least, that's my philosophy, especially that it's culturally more acceptable in the part of the world I'm currently in to discuss such a topic).  In the end, I answered as much as I felt comfortable without giving everything away, then I quickly returned the gesture and asked about her finances.  Again she answered but without giving too much away.  I pretty much had the same aspect as 26th January, the only difference being the Moon in Aquarius, separating from a conjunction to my natal Venus, but transiting MC in Pisces conjunct transiting Chiron, both conjunct my natal Mars.  Besides having an objective and detached Moon, the other saving grace is the ASC, which was in Gemini at the time, so I was in a lighthearted, chatty mood.  Compare to the Cancer ASC the next day, where I wanted to crawl into a shell and have some privacy and was made to feel defensive instead.

Conclusion so far:  I can deal with the 'Pisces flood' so long as I can have some air to breath (preferably the Aquarian kind).

How's the Piscean energy treating you so far?


  1. Met a girl in a club tonite who had Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars in Pisces. Everything started off great but I somehow lost the connection.

    I'm in pain. Now I see why. My Mars conjuncts her Venus strongly. Just 2 degrees off. Ouch. Gotta get her back.

  2. opps...sorry for the late night pity post.


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