Friday, 6 January 2012

Mercury in Capricorn 2012

Mercury, the planet of communication, is due to enter earthy Capricorn on 8th January 2012 (the day before the Cancer Full Moon), and will stay for about 3 weeks (until 27th January 2012).

Having been pondering on the bigger questions of life while in philosophical Sagittarius for 2 months (including a retrograde interlude), Mercury is now ready to get realistic and filter-out plans that are too idealistic to implement.  

Its ingress in ambitious Capricorn on 8th January trine Jupiter in Taurus and square Uranus in Aries reinforces the importance of thinking optimistically, yet cautiously and practically, aiming for steady progress rather than rushing through any projects haphazardly.  

The Cancer Full Moon on 9th January marks an ideal point to review the progress of projects already in action.  Mercury sextile Chiron helps us to let go of anything that is a hindrance and moves us forward positively.

The exact Mercury-Pluto conjunction on 13th wants to make a powerful impact with words and ideas.  On the other hand, we also have a Venus-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius encouraging our creative juice to flow outside the box, but still making it realistic with Venus trine Saturn.  Venus-Neptune in Aquarius also highlights the theme of extending our love to those in need within our communities.

As we approach the New Moon in Aquarius on 22nd/23rd January, Mercury conjunct Moon and trine Mars in Virgo focusing our needs on the finer details.

Where is Mercury in Capricorn in your chart?

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  1. 10th House for me. Will cross my MC in a couple days and cross over my 7Cap Moon in Tenth House.

  2. Quite appropriate as you were using your personal new moon energy in your career anyway. Now you can put your mind (mercury) and heart (moon) into it even more:-)


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