Thursday, 12 January 2012

Friday 13th - Love is in the air!

Yes, love is in the air on Friday the 13th January.

Venus, the planet of love, values and pleasure, conjunct Neptune, a higher octave of Venus, governing dreams, ideals and spirituality.  However, this conjunction at 29 degrees Aquarius may not necessarily bring the lovey dovey kind of love that you might expect, as Aquarius expresses itself with detachment and independence.  The 'love' is certainly there, but towards a bigger audience with a worthwhile cause, e.g, a charity, a community group.

This conjunction, along with Mercury conjunct Pluto, can help to unleash any creative ideas locked within you, ones which are likely to make deep and long lasting impressions on others.

With a number of planets in earth signs (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto), we want to get things done.  We don't want to merely dream and imagine but to capture those ideals and manifest them into reality.  Saturn in Libra (ruled by Venus) trine the Venus-Neptune conjunction, along with the Sun-Mars trine in the background further reinforce the theme of putting your passion into action.

So this Friday the 13th isn't all doom and gloom.  Here is a great blog entry on the history behind this dreaded day:

My Cancer Jupiter, tucked away in the 12th house is being quincunx by this Venus-Neptune conjunction and square by Saturn.  I may feel uncomfortable to come out of my hiding place, but Saturn is threatening me with a cane......

Where does this Venus-Neptune conjunction fall in your chart?

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I appreciate that very much.

    The conjunction is in my 1st, so maybe I'll come out of hiding, too. :)

  2. My pleasure. I enjoy reading your posts.

    Lots more interesting aspects coming up (I'm thinking about the New Moon in Aquarius in particular)........I can certainly see the theme - 'be true to yourself' unravelling for me......

  3. 12th House. But I had a first date last night. Will probably see her again.

    Does that mean we will have a secretive relationship? ;)

  4. Lol. Could be, but it could also imply not wanting to 'expose' the relationship to the light yet. ...

  5. Yeah, that's spot on. My initial reaction to the thought of seeing her again was that she is gonna want to be my girlfriend, and I'm not ready to give her that... or is that always the case with men and women? lol

  6. Lol. I normally find it the other way round for me with my Venus in Aquarius;-)


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