Thursday, 5 January 2012

Wish Upon a New Moon....

I always consider new moons to be our monthly chances to touch base with nature, as new moons are favourable times for making fresh starts, for pondering on your heart's desires and reporting them to the Universe for manifestations (if they are for the highest good).

Making wishes corresponding to the sign of the new moon can be particularly powerful, as discussed in  Jan Spiller's 'New Moon Astrology', where she listed, in detail, wish topics for each sign in order to maximise this lunar energy. She also identified transiting Sun travelling in the 11th house (using Placidus house system) as a potent period to send your annual wish list to the Universe.  For me, it is when transiting Sun is in Gemini.

Satori ( also discussed having transiting Sun conjunct your natal Moon as another fortuitous time to set your intentions.  This puts mine towards the end of May, in the sign of Taurus.

When and where are your personal new moons?  What will you wish for?

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  1. This is interesting b/c my personal new moon just happened on Dec 30. I didn't know it was a Personal New Moon, but that was the day that I made plans to finally execute several entrepenural early in the new year. In fact, I'm working on them right now. I just took a break to check out this site.

    So, I made intentions w/o knowing it was a good time to do so. :)

  2. Btw, I like your blog. Please keep it going.

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience unknown:-)

  4. I thought I picked a name, but it came up "Unknown". Oh well...

  5. Can you go back and edit your profile? It would be nice to have a more personalised label! :-)

  6. I couldn't edit my Google identity, so I'm trying Name/URL.

    - Mark

  7. Lol. It's nice to see a 'proper' name. I felt rude calling you Unknown:-)

  8. Okay, cool. Unknown = Mark. ;)


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