Saturday, 4 February 2012

Transiting Venus in Aries 2012

There's not that much 'fire' in the sky lately, but following the Leo Full Moon on 7th February, the scale will tip slightly as Venus enters Aries on 8th February (6 a.m. GMT).  The planet of love then conjunct Uranus on 10th February (at 2.28am GMT), so by then, the Moon, Venus, Uranus and the North Node will all be in fire signs, giving us a little bit more passion and energy in the air.  However, don't forget we have Mars and Saturn (from 7th February) in retrograde, putting a damper on your motivation and encouraging you to slow down and introspect from the other side of the scale.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty and harmony, moving from the romantic and demure Pisces, to the bold and courageous Aries.  Pisces is about being selfless and immersing with the Universal source, whereas Aries is about the ego, the self, 'me'.  Venus seeks balance in interacting with others, but in Aries, the focus is likely to be more self-oriented and more willing to take risks, especially in the realm of love and pleasure-seeking.  Venus is also related to our values and belief system, so in Aries, we are less likely to be afraid to stand up for our own beliefs, but with Mars and Saturn in retrograde, the passion is more covert and relatively easier to control.

Be prepared to be surprised/shocked on 10th February when this love goddess conjunct Uranus, bringing something unpredictable, from sudden love attraction to excitement on the social front.

Traditionally, transits of Mars to Pluto are deemed to be more significant due to their slower orbits.  As transient as Mercury and Venus transits may be, I personally feel they are still worth looking at, especially for individuals with Mercury/Venus Sun and rising, where Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, and Venus rules Taurus and Libra.

For me, Venus conjunct my Mercury on its first day of ingress into Aries before moving into its conjunction with transiting Uranus.  My mind is on overdrive from its conjunction to transiting Uranus anyway, so having a slightly more mellow planet (albeit in a fiery sign) may bring a quick rest, but it will oppose my natal Pluto by the end of February, bringing possible power struggles in my relationship with others (or a compulsive attraction?!)

Can you feel Venus in your day to day life?

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  1. Not really. I'll try being more aware. It crosses my Ascendant tomorrow before going into my large 1st house for awhile.

    I'm looking forward to the conjunction with Uranus in my 1st. Maybe suddenly money or love from meeting someone? (It think the 1st is all about the people you meet.)

  2. First house is also about yourself. It forms an axis with the descendant so it is closely related to people you meet too.

    Let's see what the conjunction to Uranus will bring you!

  3. Yes! I'll check back here on the 9th-10th.

  4. I was wondering what my chart had to say about the full moon in leo...see attached :)

    Thanks so much!!


    Link to my chart

  5. Hi M. The link doesn't seem to work anymore...


    Try this one :) thanks!


  7. Hi M,

    The Leo Full Moon falls in your 10th house of career and sextile your Ascendant/trine your Descendant, since you have Pluto conjunct your ascendant and the Sun conjunct your descendant (natal sun oppose natal Pluto), perhaps this Leo full moon has delivered a message to you related to how you deal with other people, especially when power struggle is involved.

  8. I am a Pisces and gotta say that 4th of february and after brought me everything but love or understanding. Actually I experienced a sudden and hurtful ending in my love life. My ascendent is Acquarius...but I guess the effect of the transit must be the same for all the signs?

  9. Hello,
    I guess something went wrong with me or I don't know if we could trust the effects of transits or other completely. I am a Pices with an acquarius ascendant and on the 4th my life went on a retro phase and actually there was love in my life before the 4th but on the 5th suddenly things changed and I experienced a hurtful and inexplicable ending in my love life..then what happened to the love effect? Just curious..


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