Sunday, 5 February 2012

Saturn in Libra retrograde 2012

Saturn, the planet of boundaries, restrictions and limitations, goes retrograde in peace-loving Libra on 7th February (14.03 GMT), which is closely followed by the Leo Full Moon in less than 8 hours away.  

Tracking its ingress in Libra, I have found that Saturn, asking us to learn through our relationships with others, is not merely giving us a second, but a third chance to grasp the lessons in Libra. 

Saturn first stepped over the threshold of vain and indecisive Libra back on 30th October 2009.  By the time it reached 4 degrees 39 minutes on 13th January 2010, it began to retrograde in Libra and entered back into the territory of Virgo on 7th April 2010.  So between 30th October 2009 and 7th April, Saturn was travelling in Libra between 0 to 4 degrees 39 minutes, but in retrograde motion from 13th January 2010.

By 30th May 2010, Saturn began to move direct again, reaching Libra on 22nd July 2010 and will stay in this urbane sign until 5th October 2012.

The 2nd retrograde period of Saturn in Libra began on 26th January 2011 at 17 degrees 13.6 Libra, reaching 10 degrees 26.7 minutes Libra on 13th June 2011, thus revisiting the degrees already covered between 22nd October 2010 and 25th January 2011. 

The 3rd retrograde period of Saturn in Libra is from 7th February 2012 at 29 degrees 30.5 minutes Libra, reaching 22 degrees 45.8 minutes on 24/25th June 2012, thus revisiting the degrees already covered between 4th November 2011 and 6th February 2012.

The best way to learn astrology is by analysing your own chart and transits.  I got my diaries out, focusing on those periods stated above and boiled down to the conclusion that Saturn in Libra, during its sojourn in my 2nd/3rd houses, sextile/trine my ASC/DES axis, oppose my Mercury and conjunct my Pluto, has been forcing me to learn new ways of relating to people, and through those interactions, I re-developed my own self-confidence and re-organised my belief system.  Transiting Saturn is currently square my natal Jupiter and natal Venus, further pushing me to ruminate my true beliefs and values.  It is a time to discard what is no longer needed and to make room for the new.

Saturn is the strict disciplinarian, but in Libra, dressed in refined attire, oozing grace and charm.

What have you learned/refused to learn/still need to learn?
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  1. Transit Saturn conjunct natal Jupiter in 4th house and transit Mars trine natal Saturn in 3rd house? Short of money:)Natal Saturn is in 11th house in Taurus. At the same time transit Uranus trine Sun in Aries in 10th house? What about if I try to apply for a new job? Thank you very much!

  2. Something else to add to the previous comment, trnsiting Saturn Iin 4th house)square natal Sun. Natal Sun is in 1st house in Leo. And transiting Saturn square natal Mars. Natal Mars is again in 1st house in Leo....

  3. Obviously if you're thinking of applying for a new job, there must be reasons behind that move (especially with transiting Uranus trine your natal 10th house Sun). You can always apply and see where it takes you.....


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