Sunday, 12 February 2012

Whitney - We'll always love you

I was shocked beyond words this morning when I heard about Houston's demise.  Since my blog entry on transiting Uranus conjunct transiting Venus in Aries, 2 songs crept into my head and refused to leave:  Anita Baker's Sweet Love and Whitney Houston's All At Once.    How is it possible that the owner of the soothing voice that had been occupying my mind for the past couple of days is no longer breathing in the mortal realm?  

Houston's amazing voice had captivated a global audience for decades.  Her performance wasn't just for the sake of self-expression, but serving others through her God-given talent - her breathtakingly beautiful voice (Sun conjunct Venus in Leo in 6th oppose Saturn in Aquarius in 12th).  It was a shame drug addiction ruined her singing career (Pisces Ascendant conjunct Chiron in 1st oppose Pluto-Mercury-Uranus in 6/7th; Neptune in Scorpio in 8th).

As transiting Pluto from the 10th house tightly square her natal Mars in 7th (Placidus, 8th Equal House), Houston completed her Sacred Contract on Planet Earth, leaving behind a legacy of divinely powerful songs (transiting MC separating from her natal Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Aries in 1st; transiting Jupiter trine Uranus in Virgo 6th).  With her Chiron exactly conjunct my Sun, I have always personally found Houston's voice to be extremely therapeutic. 

Whitney, rest in peace.  Thank you for the music.  Thank you for being an inspiration to us all.


  1. Very sad. Interesting that she was on your mind recently.

  2. Yes, another talented soul taken off the physical tell you the truth, I was very spooked by her news...

  3. Maybe you are intuitive.

    I've had a few strong intuitive experiences over the past few years. I initially discounted them b/c I was in NYC on 9/11 and I had no psychic visions about that terrible event. But later, I realized that while I didn't have horrible visions, I did spend the months previous to 9/11 visiting the park near the WTC. I would rollerblade down there on weekends and lay on the grass and look up at the top of the WTC and wonder why I had never come down there before. I lived in NYC for years but suddenly I was drawn down there.

  4. Thanks for sharing that.....I know for a fact that if I start seeing nasty visions of the future, it would drive me insane. The subconscious knows what we can and can't handle and gives us intuitive messages in other ways I guess...


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