Sunday, 26 February 2012

Transiting Venus in Taurus 2012

Get ready for a wave of relaxing and indulgent energy to wash over us when Venus enters one of its own signs, Taurus, on 5th March at 10:24 GMT.  The Goddess of love and money is due to stay in comfort-seeking Taurus for about a month, leaving on 3rd April.  Transiting Mercury is due to conjunct Uranus in Aries an hour after Venus' ingress into Taurus, which may possibly bring sudden outbursts of ideas and impulsive actions on how to be kind to yourself (shopping comes to mind!  Having said that, transiting Mars is in retrograde so this urge may no be that hard to conquer).  Then we have a Full Moon in Virgo 3 days later (on 8th March), a time to review your ongoing plans and projects. 

I have my MC, Chiron and Moon in Taurus.  I tend to indulge myself in the food department usually when anything conjuncts my Moon.  I'm already feeling rather lethargic with planet Mars in retrograde motion (but my workload is still on the increase), so with Venus transiting in Taurus conjunct my MC, Chiron then my Moon, I hope I won't become a couch potato and adopt a listless attitude towards my work.....

Taurus is also a sensual, tactile sign.  Hug and kiss.  Pamper your body.  Visit a spa, have a facial, a body massage, a manicure, a pedicure.....ummm,  I have a facial booked during this period... I was hoping Venus in Taurus would bring me some cash instead of the opposite.....

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  1. Can't wait. Gonna trine my Moon and sextile my Sun around the 13th when it meets Jupiter and even Pluto if I'm not mistaken and is it possible... Mars? Crazy time if true mid-month, no?

    It will also enter my 2nd House of Money around the first week of March. Good times, I hope.

  2. Fingers crossed for you:-)

  3. I am loving the Venus transit, being a Taurus moon and asc, it's lovely. As its in my 12th house at the moment it's conjunct my moon and Chiron, I am eating more and very indulgent foods, I decided not to fight it, it will be a losing battle as it will cross my asc exactly on the march new moon, so it's not worth it, and since Jupiter is conjunct my asc.....I give in , I wil enjoy and celebrate instead! My mars usually helps me fight the taurean in me and stay healthy and moderate as its in Virgo in the 5th house and rules the 6th, but its retrograde getting ready for another go at returning to my natal a mars, so it's no help, I am on my own....

    I did notice an immediate effect of Venus in Taurus, on the day it entered I was going to lunch with a friend, casual but I found myself looking in the mirror and feeling good, and dressed up a lot more then I would usually for a pub lunch.....very Venus


  4. Thanks for sharing your Venus transit experience Nikki. Glad to hear you're having a great time with it!

  5. In a week, I have a transit Venus in Taurus conjunct my natal Saturn in 11th house. Any idea what should I expect... At the same time transit Sun conjunct my midheaven. I feel so lonely at the moment...even depresses...only work, work work... Shall this change? Please, say - YES:)

  6. Remember that Sun and Venus transits are short compared to the social and outer planets, and so their effects are more transient in comparison. Just going by what you've shared, it does look promising astrologically, but, remember those are potential - if you know you are laden with work and is getting burned out, why not be kinder to yourself and give yourself some 'play time'. You need to go and get that fun yourself. One of the messages of the Mars retrograde is 'Where should I place my energy so it's effective and efficient'. Best of luck!


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