Sunday, 8 February 2009

Eclipses and Chinese New Year

The first day of the Chinese New Year coincides on a New Moon.  The celebration then ends 15 days later; on a Full Moon.  This year, though, a friend pointed out that the first day is not merely a New Moon, but a solar eclipse in Aquarius on 26th January (GMT), ending on a lunar eclipse, which is in Leo on 9th February.

Astrologically, a solar eclipse is a potent New Moon.  The exact alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth creates a powerfully focused 'beam' of electromagnetic energy.  Old beliefs and other unwanted junk are discarded to make room for the new.  In Aquarius, what is it that needs to be shaken up and rebuilt in your life?

The powerful lunar eclipse in Leo also is an exact alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth where feelings and emotions are heightened and put under the spotlight.  This may be the time we are more likely to view things in a new light.  Whereas the new moon signifies the start of a project, the full moon is when results can be expected, and that the event culminates to its peak.  

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