Saturday, 26 September 2009

The Anger Button

I've always had a problem with controlling my anger, in that, I allow the tiniest irritant to get the better of me.

I like Louise Hay's doctrine on anger.  Louise believes that we are actually responsible for our anger seemingly caused by external factors.  Imagine an 'anger button' within each of us. Basically, we should not allow other people's words and actions to annoy us to the point that the button is pressed, triggering the anger process.

Easier said than done.  But yesterday, while I was on my way to my apartment, I overheard a conversation between two grandmas in the lift.  One said to the other 'You would never have guessed what I had to put up with today at the newspaper stand.'  

I began to pray for the lift to move slowly enough so I would hear the whole conversation.  

'I went to get a newspaper and told the man I was in a hurry so he would serve me quickly.  And do you know what he said?  He turned to his colleague, as if I was invisible, and remarked 'Everyone says they're in a hurry, isn't that funny?'  I was fuming hearing that but I managed to keep my mouth shut - so rude of him!'

Oh, I thought, feeling a bit disappointed.  What's the point of getting angry over THAT?  If I was in the woman's position, I would just assume the guy made a passing comment.  I personally don't see the rudeness in that.  However, that incident neatly illustrates that the anger button in each of us is pressed easier than others.  I know people who don't even seem to have an anger button at all!  

I wonder what your reaction would be if you were the woman in the lift?

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  1. I suppose I would be a little upset, because it is almost as if the guy was making fun of me, a total stranger and a customer at that. It just seems a little disrespectful.


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