Sunday, 25 July 2010

Quotes from Wild Love

'Wild Love' by Gill Edwards:

'Any negative emotion is an opportunity to grow. It is to be welcomed...[........]...It is a sign from our deep Self that there is work to be done, that we are not currently aligned with our desires. We need to choose new thoughts that move us into more positive emotions - beyond fear, beyond judgement...[.....]...If we reach inner peace, we are attracting what we want much more easily. And if we are vibrating at the level of unconditional love and joy and freedom, the world is our oyster!'

'If it feels good, we can simply enjoy it. If it feels bad, we can learn and grow from it - and perhaps help others as a result. Whatever happens, all is well.'

'Whenever we try to be good, or try to please others, or see anyone else as bad or dangerous, we disconnect ourselves from Source. We disconnect from who we truly are - which is love.'

'The deepest darkness can elicit the greatest light.'


  1. whatever quoted by gill Edwards is quite evident but you have summed up the quotation very apt fully as you said well-deepest darkness can elicit the greatest light.
    thanks for doing us motivated.

  2. Thanks for your feedback Tamare. However, all the quotes are from Gill Edward, so I can't take credit for any of it!


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