Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Moon Game

I attended my first astro event in Hong Kong over the weekend, organised by Hong Kong Astrology Club.

The Moon was the topic of the day.

This lunar body governs our emotions, feelings, habits and what gives us security. At one point, we split into groups according to the element of our moon and discussed on ways to protect our chicks from the vicious eagle if we were all hens.  

The fire group decided to give the chicks the opportunity to fend for themselves. The 'fire' hens wanted their chicks to develop a sense of independence.

The earth group would protect their chicks by finding a secure hiding place for them. The 'earth' hens did not think it's worth the effort to fight the eagle but to take a defensive approach instead.  

The air group would inform their chicks on ways to stay alive. Besides on educating their young, the 'air' hens would also wreck their brains to fight the eagle through trickery.  

Finally, the water group claimed that they would be terrified to be faced with the beast, but they would do all they could to protect their offspring by screaming at the eagle.

In the past, I've read about these 'elemental' discussions but it's something else to participate in one and witness the astrological influence on the final outcome.
Fire group
Earth group
Air group
Water group

Photo album of the event:

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