Thursday, 13 October 2011

Why Astrology Doesn't Work

Since laying my eyes on my own birthchart almost a decade and a half ago, I have had a turbulent relationship with astrology.

I have learnt the keywords behind each planet, sign, house and aspect. I was aware that there could be more than one interpretation for each of those components, but as I began to notice cases where astrology 'didn't work', I started to ask myself if astrology was merely a limited tool - that it only works up to a certain point before it falls apart miserably.

Take myself as an example.

My Sun sign is Pisces. Yes, I have been told I'm shy, gentle, kind, quiet - all the keywords associated with this sign. Pisces' ruling planet is Neptune, a planet of no boundary, confusion and disorder. If my mother had read about the learning style of Piscean children, she would have been told that her Piscean girl will have difficulties in focusing on her academic work. She will daydream all the time and will find it hard to sit down to complete her school tasks. She will have poor organisational skills so do not expect her to take what she needs to school from day to day. Don't force her to write and read, she will prefer drawing, singing and dancing.

My mum would have thrown the book in the bin.

In actual fact, I was a conscientious student. My parents never pressured me but somehow, I have always been highly self-motivated to do my best at school. I loved reading from a young age; my mum couldn't drag me away from my books. I clearly knew what to take to school each day and I handed in my homework on time. I can draw but hated art. I would like to have been able to sing and dance but those areas never got developed in my life.

So what went wrong?

'Astrology doesn't work, that's why!' would've been the answers of skeptics. And I would've agreed with them if I hadn't delved deeper into my chart.

So what made me so grounded?

On closer inspection, my Moon sign is in Taurus, an earth sign, this significantly helps to stabilise my emotions and injects determination and stamina in what I do. But I think the main reason is that my Saturn is directly opposite my Sun, forming a 180-degree-aspect called an opposition. It brings practicality, discipline and order into my life.

I have also come across other examples where the Sun sign's traits appeared to be absent: a chart of a Scorpio who was naive and innocent. An Aries who was quiet and gentle and a Leo who was shy and extremely self-conscious.

So what went 'wrong'?

Nothing, is the answer, but merely the Sun sign cannot be take at face value. It turned out the my Scorpio friend had a Scorpio cluster in the 10th house (being in the public eye) all oppose Saturn. She told me that she couldn't stand conniving and selfish individuals. Clearly, she had disowned that part of her personality so it's being reflected to her through the people she met at work (she was struggling with her colleagues at the time). My Aries friend had the Sun, Moon & Mercury all locked away in the 12th house of Pisces, whereas the Leo had Capricorn rising so her chart ruler, Saturn, was giving her a solemn outlook on her life, not to mention that her Sun was at the apex of a T-Square with Uranus and Chiron.

If you are not typical of your Sun sign, there may be another part of your chart that is influencing your solar energy.

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