Sunday, 13 November 2011

Mars transiting Virgo 2011-2012

Mars has begun its transit in Virgo and will be traversing back and forth until early July 2012. This is a rather long period to have Mars, the planet of action, motivation, aggression and assertion in skilful, service-oriented Virgo.

(Other keywords for Virgo: critical, attention to detail, health-conscious, organised)

This Mars transit from 11th November 2011 to 3rd July 2012 can manifest in a myriad of ways. From being motivated to start a new exercise/diet regime to perfecting a skill through diligent practise, or being irritated by external criticisms to offering one's service to help others, the exact nature varies from individual to individual depending on the sign and house placement of natal Mars, which is further complicated by aspects to other planets in the chart.

I looked up the dates for transiting Mars in Virgo for the past 15 years and found that, for me, every time when Mars transits Virgo, issues relating to the assessment of my skills would crop up, from sitting major exams as a student to being inspected by Ofsted as a teacher! In recent years though, the emphasis has shifted to my health, from researching food and beverages which are beneficial for my physical body to hunting down beauty products to improve my skin. With Leo rising, Mars transits my 2nd house of income, material possessions, self-worth & physical body. For some with Virgo on their 2nd house cusp, money issues could surface, but personally, it affects my self-worth the most (which can just be as devastating as not having material security). I also become extra sensitive to criticisms on my skills.

Life is never straightforward. I also have Saturn in Virgo in the 2nd house so having t. Mars conjunct this solemn planet once every two years is not something I particularly look forward to. However, Saturn does become 'easier' to handle with age and I can certainly begin to understand that. Getting old isn't so bad after all.....


  1. finally i managed to get on to leave u a comment..its all in the timing lol! I wonder if what impact it will have on me being a virgo.. btw, freya desai details will be sent to u soon :)
    keep it up
    ps another chart for u to do is cadbury family

  2. Here's a list of dates of Mars transits in the last 15 years. Take a look and see what happened to you during each period. What's the pattern?

    7th June - 29th July 2010
    2nd July - 18th August 2008
    23rd July - 7th September 2006
    10th August - 25th September 2004
    30th August - 15th October 2002
    17th September - 3rd November 2000
    8th October - 26th November 1998
    30th October - 2nd January 1997
    26th May - 20th July 1995


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