Friday, 24 August 2012

Mars in Scorpio 2012

Mars left indecisive Libra and entered the intense territory of Scorpio on 23rd August.

Mars is about action, drive, desire and power.  In Libra, the sign of its detriment, Mars is unable to fully express its natural intentions, as Libra likes to compromise and think about the other party while Mars is about the self; the ego. In Scorpio, its traditional sign, Mars is able to express its energy deeply, passionately, powerfully and willfully.

Mars is due to exit this transformative sign on 7th August (04:20 BST), two days after Saturn's ingress into Scorpio.  Therefore, we have six weeks of getting familiar with the Scorpionic energy - a fixed water sign, before we experience it from the point of view of Saturn for two years.  

In Mars, we are encouraged to channel this energy inwards, to venture down into the abyss of our psyche and face our demons, our shadows and our past traumas.  Scorpio has the reputation of being dark and mysterious.  However, The darker the shadow, the brighter the light (C. J. Jung), we should harness its internal strength and seek self-understanding by going within.  

Where Mars is transiting in your natal chart is the area of life where you need to de-clutter and let go of outdated materials.  If we don't discard the old, how do we make room for the new? 

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