Sunday, 14 October 2012

Homer Simpson versus Frank Grimes

With my natal Saturn oppose Mars, I find that I always have to do everything the hard way.  I once read somewhere that with this aspect, the key is to find a short-cut.  But I've also come across another interpretation - natives with this aspect cannot get away with taking short-cuts.  With my own personal experience, I would agree with the latter.  Every time when I go for a 'short-cut' solution, I would fall flat on my face or get exposed for 'being lazy'.  I have to admit that for the past decade, I find 'lazy' people highly irritating.  By 'lazy', I mean people who get recognition for their 'hard' work when in actual fact, they did nothing, or the reward is undeserved.  I can think of plenty of examples but I know they happened to me not to make me feel bitter about life, though I'd be lying if I claimed to be totally fine with them - some still annoy me to the core.

At least, with the help of astrology, I understand that everyone has their own destiny.  It is merely those 'lazy' people's destinies to receive gifts in life without exertion.  That's what they have signed up for in this life time.  I have, seemingly, signed up for 'work hard for minimum reward and recognition' so I can't back out of that one.  It was chosen in the first place for a reason.

A recent conversation with my sister brought my attention to a particular episode of 'The Simpsons', where Frank Grimes, a co-worker of Homer, gets annoyed with Homer's 'successes', e.g. earns a stable income , lives in a modest house with a loving wife and three kids and gets away with murder every time.  In comparison, Grimes struggles through life from the day he was born.  In the end, Grimes dies in an accident, all from his own doing.

Here's a comprehensive Wiki outline on the episode:'s_Enemy

Here's the full episode on Youtube, but shown at lightening speed:   

The creator of 'The Simpsons', Matt Groening, summarises the episode as follows:

".....the story has a Zen quality to it.  Homer is just himself and gets along fine.  Frank Grimes is a Type-A personality who wants everything perfect, and he falls apart.  Thus, Homer is the stronger person, despite his obvious faults.'

After watching the episode, I was amazed by the similarities between Grimes and me.  I like to think that I'm not as extreme as him though!

Coincidentally, I have an American friend (former colleague) who is similar to Homer, though to be fair, my friend does work harder than Homer.  However, he does sail through life smoother than me and gets away with a lot more compared to me.  I told him that outright once (just like Grimes does to Homer!  Except that I'm actually good friends with my Homer friend).  And do you know what my Homer friend said to me?  He called me a hater.

'Hater' is defined as:  A person that simply cannot be happy for another person's success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person. (taken from

According to this definition, I'm not a total hater.  With my heavy Saturn influence, I have huge respect for people who have worked hard for their successes.  It's those people who do nothing but get everything that really get on my nerves.  

Had I watched this episode before my Saturn Return, I would have sided with Grimes.  But now, having met so many Homers in my life, and having astrology as my life tool, I see the intricate design at work through individual birth charts.  Each of us has signed up to different life experiences here on 'Earth School'.  You can't look at someone else's life and get annoyed with theirs (and your own).  It's a bit like being dissatisfied with your order at a restaurant while eyeing someone else's with jealousy at the next table.  You have picked your life lessons so just get on with them - but then again, jealousy might well be one of those lessons, hence it is often aroused in your life.  And with Saturn in Scorpio for the next 2.5 years in my 4th (water) house, there may well be another wave of it coming my way!  But hey, I signed up for that lesson right?  So technically, the Universe won't give me what I cannot deal with......technically......

Are you a Homer or a Grimes?  Do you often run into these characters in your life? 

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  1. I am a Grimes. :P

    Unfortunately, I have a Saturn in Aquarius, in my third house, in conjunction with my IC in Aquarius, squaring my Ascendant in Scorpio and opposite to my Sun in Cancer. :(

    Yes, other's successes sometimes annoys me. At the same time, gets me depressed and makes me to wonder "Do I deserve to be succesful some day?". My life has been hard since I was seven years old (there were exceptions in my life, fortunately). :(

    Unless, of couse, those other Guys & Gals were part of my family (parents, siblings, etc.). xD

    During Saturn's transit through Scorpio (2012's end - 2015's end), I fell deep in one of the worst depressions I have had in my whole, entire life. My life also got screwed, and even I got pretty broke (2015). I was really ill twice (Hay Fever in 2013, Dengue Fever in 2014). Ironically, during this time, I realized about it thanks to Astrology and other things, stuffs and matters I learned on the Internet. At the same time, I saw how other people that was worse than me got better and even overcame their tragedies much faster than me, while I fell deeper. This is the why I say I am like Frank Grimes. :P


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