Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Gods of Change - outer planet transits

People tend to consult astrologers when something isn't going well in their lives. They want to have their problems eradicated, or at least, ameliorated somehow. Unfortunately, we, as astrologers, are unable to wave our imaginary magic wands and wish their troubles away. Transits are transits. They are here to stay. They mirror something in our mortal lives. However, what we can do is work with the individual to utilise their transits in creative ways.

For example, Uranus may seem to bring you an earthquake, shaking the ground below your feet, but on closer inspection, the things being broken are no longer serving you, so Uranus breaks them up for you.

Neptune may bring a wave of confusion, drowning you in sorrow, leaving you directionless. Again, it's washing away concepts and habits that have passed their expiry dates.

Pluto may bring deep agony and despair into your life.  With Pluto, the point is to re-shape your inner self, taking you closer to your solar goal, as depicted by your Sun. Unfortunately, Pluto isn’t considerate enough to think, 'That's too traumatic to put the person through!' It only thinks, 'It is necessary to undergo this traumatic yet transformative event for the sake of the soul's development'. 'Meaning' can help overcome the stress brought about by Pluto transits. Once it is understood why the trauma has occurred, the valuable lesson within can then be extracted, which can ultimately help with reaching your life purpose.


  1. I don't think we are meant to magic away peoples' problems but rather, help them understand the lessons in the transits - also letting people know when the light at the end of the tunnel should start shining/when the transit ends (while helping them not to wish it away) also helps them hugely!

    1. Absolutely! We are not here to take their troubles away but to help them make sense and work with the energy brought about by the transit (as I have originally said in my post). Unfortunately, most people think we have the power to take their problems away.....


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