Monday, 24 June 2013

Jupiter in Cancer 2013-14

The expansive giant, Jupiter, is due to enter the nurturing territory of Cancer on 26th June 2013 at 02:39 (BST).  

Time line of Jupiter in Cancer

26th June 2013 - enters Cancer

7th Nov 2013 - retrogrades at 20 degrees 30.6 minutes

5th March 2014 - resumes direct motion at 10 degrees 26.5 minutes

15th July 2014 - leaves Cancer

Cancer Archetypes
For some, this is a time where creating a home unit is on your mind.  If you already have your own family, then caring for your family members is on the agenda.  You may take on the role of 'mother' in your relationship with others and 'mother' them. Careful not to turn into a nagging mum!

Wounded Child
Since Mercury and Venus had entered into the emotional waters of Cancer back on 31st May and 3rd June respectively, people around me have been commenting on their frequent trips down Memory Lane.  Have you been reminiscing the past more than usual?  In particular, the resurfacing of childhood memories and other painful past experiences.  This is a time to deal with our past traumas.  Instead of blaming our parents/carers, understand that they did the best they could to nurture us.  Perhaps they were treated that way by their carers so they were unaware of alternatives to deal with us. Everyone's situation is different but ask yourself this question honestly:  If they had known how much pain they had caused you, do you think the action would have continued?  I understand that for some, the honest answer is 'Yes', but whatever the answer, avoid wallowing in self-pity and attempt to get in touch with our sense of compassion instead.  Forgive them - this is to release you from the hurtful past rather than condoning them of their actions.  Depending on your circumstances, you may want to seek help from a professional therapist or counsellor.  
(More on archetypal astrology from Robert Ohotto:

Take note of where Jupiter is traversing in your chart.  Jupiter brings luck and expansion, but it can also be too much of a good thing, e.g. arrogance, extravagance. 

Jupiter is now heading towards my 12th house so I could expect a time where I'm renewing my faith in the Universe (especially with my natal Jupiter in 12th).  Also behind-the-scenes work would be particularly beneficial, and I should think about going on retreats too.....:-P

Which area of your life is being visited by Jupiter?


  1. Jupiter will be transiting my 8th house where it will be conjuncting my 5' natal Uranus and sextiling my Midheaven. All this 8th house stuff is making me very nervous.

    1. It's an opportunity (Jupiter) for you to individuate (Uranus). See it as a chance for you to unleash a part of yourself in an 8th house way....


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