Thursday, 5 September 2013

New Moon in Virgo 2013

The New Moon in Virgo at 13 degrees 4 minutes on 5th September (12:36 BST) signals our monthly opportunity for a new start.  With this month's chart ruler, Mercury, also in Virgo (which is one of its own signs), we have a clear message to focus on Virgoan concerns, e.g. to look after our physical health, to start a new diet plan, to increase efficiency in our workplaces, to organise a new daily routine, to communicate logically and analyse methodically.

The New Moon oppose Chiron in Pisces allows us to come face to face with our past traumas.  It is a time to nurse/acknowledge those old wounds, to clear out (Virgo) those negative emotions and release them to the Universe (Chiron in Pisces). 

This is also a time where we could be presented with a chance to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone, which is a way to allow our souls to transform and grow (New Moon trine Pluto; inconjunct Uranus). However, we may feel inadequate to take on this challenge (Saturn square Mars) and would much rather stick to the tried and tested (New Moon trine South Node).  If we remind ourselves that we are learning on Earth school, that this is merely just another 'class' or life lesson for our souls to go through in order to move one step closer to our solar quest, then it would seem less daunting to push ourselves towards that change.

Look out for planets, points and angles between 12 degrees 4 minutes and 14 degrees 4 minutes in mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius) making significant aspects to this new moon.  

This New Moon exactly oppose my Sun in 8th.  I definitely have been feeling the urge to purge some unwanted junk which is hindering me from moving forward.  

What is this new moon doing in your chart?

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  1. Hi! Mx ASC Sagg is at 14 degrees as well as my North Node in Pisces in my third house. What could this bring me?


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