Friday, 1 November 2013

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 2013

As if the energy is not intense enough cosmically, we have a solar eclipse in Scorpio to look forward to this Sunday.  Solar eclipses are super new moons.  The duration of this eclipse is 3 hours 22 minutes, which roughly translates to 3 years and 4 months of influence (1 hour = 1 year).  

The Sun and Moon conjoins in Scorpio at 11 degrees 16 minutes.  A Scorpio solar eclipse could denote an intense start where we wipe the slate clean psychologically. Saturn, North Node and Mercury also conjunct this new moon, indicating the structuring of an idea that is in line with our life path.

Upsets are possible with volatile energy such as Mars inconjunct Uranus, Pluto-Uranus square tightening at 9 degrees.  However, it can bring us a sense of healing (Mars oppose Chiron and sextile the New Moon cluster), especially when we use our powers effectively (the new moon rulers, Mars and Pluto, in a trine). 

Where does this new moon fall in your chart?

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