Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Tao of Tea - My transiting Jupiter oppose natal Venus experience

I've been looking for a Chinese tea ceremony class for the past year but couldn't find one that suited my schedule.  I finally got my wish as transiting Jupiter entered Leo (oppose my natal Venus), where an opportunity arose for me to unwind (Venus) and learn about the wisdom behind the art of Chinese tea appreciation.  For once, I could just relax and enjoy being a student.

It was certainly a Jupiterian experience as it involved the Buddhist teaching of 'mindfulness' - to live in the moment in an non-judgmental manner.  The whole process of preparing the tea - from boiling water and rinsing the tea utensils and tea leaves, to the brewing and serving of the tea, help us to stay focus on the moment.  I've discovered that this form of meditation is perfect for me, as I still find it a challenge to stay awake during transcendental meditation. However, with my innate Sun-Saturn opposition, there were occasions when my inner Perfectionist made its appearance and attempted to get things right, which initially got in the way of appreciating the colour, aroma and taste of the final product.  

I'm a firm believer of the adage 'practice makes perfect', I'm sure I'll learn to direct the five senses towards the appreciation of the tea.........oops, there goes my Perfectionist again!

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