Sunday, 17 August 2014

New Moon in Virgo 2014

Virgo New Moon at 2 degrees 18 minutes on 25th August 

This new moon is a great time to give our existing belief system (Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Leo) a good old spring clean - or summer clean.  As Virgo is also concerned with our physical health and daily routine, it may be a good time to reassess our current dietary plans and make some healthy changes where needed, perhaps throw in a couple of weekly visits to the gym or join a dance class?  

With this new moon oppose Neptune, we are reminded to gain a holistic view of our health - besides what we eat and how we exercise, be discriminative with our thoughts (Mercury, new moon ruler, also in Virgo) and filter out those negative thinking patterns that are taking us further away our goals and dreams .  Instead, cultivate a calming and positive mind as physical symptoms are signals of our thinking patterns gone askew.

Venus square Saturn-Mars conjunction in Scorpio pushes us to tap into our inner resources and face our fears (instead of running the other way).  With this Saturn-Mars trine Chiron in Pisces, this is likely to be a healing experience.  

Where does this new moon fall in your chart? In which house do you need to spring clean and reorganise yourself?

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  1. 8th house here. 22/8/69 packed 8th house so here we go again!!! Kaz


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