Friday, 26 September 2014

VOC diary for the week beginning 29th September 2014

British Summer Time
Monday 29th September:  Venus enters Libra 21:52
Tuesday 30th September: VOC in Sagittarius from 04:28

Wednesday 1st October: VOC in Sagittarius ends at 05:40
Thursday 2nd October: VOC in Capricorn from 17:17
Friday 3rd October : VOC in Capricorn ends at 08:59

Saturday 4th October: Mercury goes retrograde at 18:02
                               VOC in Aquarius from 19:32
Sunday 5th October: VOC in Aquarius ends at 10:24

Hong Kong Time
Monday 29th September:  VOC in Scorpio from 04:30 to 06:50
Tuesday 30th September: Venus enters Libra 04:52
                                                   VOC in Sagittarius from 11:28

Wednesday 1st October: VOC in Sagittarius ends at 12:40
Thursday 2nd October: *************************
Friday 3rd October : VOC in Capricorn from 00:17 to 15:59

Saturday 4th October: ************************
Sunday 5th October: Mercury goes retrograde at 01:02
                                          VOC in Aquarius from 02:32 to 17:24
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