Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Full Moon in Leo 2015 - Simply Be Yourself

The Full Moon at 14 degrees 47 minutes Leo occurs on 3rd February at 23:08 GMT.  Full Moon is time when hidden matters come to light.

With the Moon in Leo, ruled by the Sun in Aquarius, we are reminded to be ourselves (Leo) while serving humanity (Aquarius).  Along with a retrograding Jupiter in Leo conjunct the Moon and Mercury retrograding in Aquarius, perhaps it would be a good idea to spend some time introspecting on the true meaning of being 'me'.  How can 'I' (Leo) serve the collective (Aquarius)?  What is my personal role in the greater whole?

We may have many role models we look up to; people we admire, but let's not forget that we are all unique beings.  You may want to be the next Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Bruce Lee or whoever you idolise,  but if the world has already created a Steve Jobs for example, do we need another one exactly like him?  By all means, learn from him and be inspired by his inventions, but don't lose ourselves in their charismatic aura.  Extract the essence from these great individuals and add your own spark (Leo) to the collective mesh (Aquarius).  Offer the world someone they haven't yet seen.  Do you want to be a replica or the original copy?

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