Sunday, 31 May 2015

Living Astrologically: Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

How's the current Mercury Retrograde in Gemini treating you at the moment?  We've just past the midpoint on 30th, what message has the Trickster delivered?  My boiler switch broke and I did toy with the idea that perhaps the Trickster is urging me to invite myself over to someone else's place for a shower my crude sense of humour, it is Gemini after all:-P..... On a more serious note, I do feel one of my Mercury retrograde messages is to clearly verbalise my own thoughts and wishes despite what people may think (Mercury is squaring my natal Sun in 8th throughout the retrograde period).

I've recently decided to go running as a way of losing weight - something I've been wanting to do for goodness knows how long, but never got enough motivation to do so.  It all began when I've been given the important role of maid of honour at my friend's wedding, to be held in October.  All of a sudden, from out of nowhere, the fire in me just came bursting out, (well, t. Mars is squaring my Sun).  I'm so determined to lose those pounds!   People who are familiar with me knows that I can't stand sports, especially running, but I know, deep down, that this is just the thing I need to do in order to shift those pounds, since doing what I've been doing (i.e. my aerobics DVDs) just aren't intense enough anymore.  Running is definitely pushing me out of my comfort zone (my nodal axis is in a T-Square with the current Gemini cluster of Sun-Mars-Mercury).  I do feel that many of my deep-seated beliefs are being altered, and boundaries are being re-defined.  I never liked the idea of venturing out in the dark but I just returned from an evening run in my local park.  It was invigorating to have the salty breeze from the river cooling me down as I coerce my muscles to work harder and harder.

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