Sunday, 5 July 2015

New Moon in Cancer 2015

Do you feel like an outcast, a misfit? An alien from another planet, an orphan in your family?  

These are all very Aquarian in nature, but what ensues is not feeling part of a work team or family unit. This lack of a sense of belonging is related to the sign of Cancer.

One common denominator I've noticed with Cancer strong in the chart (eg. Sun/Ascendant/stellium in Cancer) is the theme of belonging. For example, the native has no trust in the homeland and is seeking refuge elsewhere (Cancer is one's roots, including birth country), or s/he has no affinity within one's own family unit and wants to lead a carefree life as a globetrotter or a recluse, moving away from the rest of the clan. They don't feel they belong to their original family unit so they seek their place elsewhere.  It's their way of hiding in their crab shell.

Under this month's new moon in Cancer (at 23 degrees 14 minutes on 16th July), portraying the beginning of a cycle, perhaps it's worth addressing this theme, especially with Pluto tightly oppose Mercury and Mars in Cancer. We can take an active part in releasing some old thought patterns that are stopping us from enjoying the nourishing flow of love into our bodies.

Everyone has a rightful place in their original family. You are irreplaceable.

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