Friday, 1 January 2016

Mercury Retrograde January 2016 - A sensible yet creative thinker

Happy New Year!

We are about to welcome the first Mercury retrograde of 2016 on 5th January.


2nd January - Mercury enters Aquarius

5th January - Mercury goes retrograde at 00 degree 57 minutes

8-9th January - Mercury re-enters Capricorn

26th January - Mercury goes direct at 14 degrees 56 minutes

Check your birth chart to see which area of your life the messenger god is retrograding within.

We have a blend of energy to negotiate with this time:

Aquarius vs Capricorn / Air vs Earth / Fixed vs Cardinal / Saturn vs Uranus

Aquarius is future-oriented, being different, a revolutionist, versus the traditional and practical Capricorn.  So how to deal with this pair of energy?

I encountered the following story which I thought aptly illustrates this blend........

A company once gave 200 interviewees the following question:

One stormy night, you drove past a bus stop where 3 people were waiting:

1. An old lady who will die if she doesn't get to the hospital in time

2. A friend who had saved your life in the past, this would be the perfect opportunity to repay him/her

3. Your Dream man/Dream gal, if you don't grab this chance, you'll never meet anyone as perfect as him/her.

You only have one place left in the car. Who would you choose to fill that space?

How would you choose?

Have a think before you read on........






The person who got hired gave the following answer:

'I would give my car key to the person who had saved me, and get him to take the old lady to the hospital.  Then I would stay behind and wait at the bus stop with my dream gal.'

This candidate gave a practical (Capricorn) solution by thinking outside the box (Aquarius).

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