Sunday, 6 April 2008

The Land of Dreams

I receive many messages from my dreams. I see it as my subconscious trying to communicate with me. The key is to understand the symbols being presented. I like to pose questions before I go to bed and see what messages I get.

When I have dreams of teeth/hair falling out, I know my stress level is on the rise. Dreams of looking for toilets are when I need to eliminate thoughts/ideas/emotions which no longer serve me.

I often dream of waiting on a platform for a train. The train can represent a journey/project/opportunity. Sometimes the train doesn't turn up (which means the project I have in mind isn't really for me); sometimes the train is late (the opportunity will come but later than wished); sometimes I board the train and find that it's full (not my time to go after whatever adventure I had in mind); and sometimes I find a seat (perfect timing at last!). I also have dreams of rushing from one platform to another, fearing I might miss my train (anxious about what to do next and if it's too late to do it).

I once had a dream of a house (buildings represent you and rooms inside different aspects of yourself). I was looking at the cellar full of seeds which began to geminate and grow, so quickly that each plant pushed through the floorboards and into the living room on the ground floor. The message is quite obvious, ideas residing in the depths of my subsconscious are frantically wanting to burst into the open!

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