Sunday, 20 July 2008

Endings and Beginnings

With the full moon in Capricorn falling in my 6th house of workplace and daily routine, coupled with Jupiter transiting in the same sector, I come to the decision to close the door to primary teaching and return to teaching English as a foreign language. With the involvement of the Moon (plus my natal moon in the 10th house of career), it was a highly emotional event for me as a chapter of my life ends and a new one begins. I am looking forward to new challenges ahead in a country I have never worked in before. The concepts of meeting new people and adopting a new lifestyle both worries and excites me. I know that I am following my heart in this venture as my progressed Sun in Aries travels in the 9th house of foreign travels and higher learning. I truly believe that the angels have guided me to this opportunity and I wholeheartedly continue to ask the question 'How can I serve?'

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