Thursday, 1 January 2009

Saturn Retrograde

One thing I would put at the top of my New Year Resolutions list is to be able to maintain a positive mindset at all times.  This is a personal challenge, since with my natal Sun in the 8th house in a tight opposition with my natal Saturn in the 2nd house, I often succumb to negative thinking. These last couple of years, I have made a conscious effort to monitor my thoughts and cleanse negativity from my system.  This includes weaning negative people and situations from my life.  I do feel towards the final quarter of 2008, I have made a wise (though there are people around me who would describe it as foolish) decision in my career.  I still firmly stand by my original decision and feel that I have successfully extracted all the lessons from that harsh experience and can now move on to greener pastures.  There are still cords attached to that experience, of which I ask Archangel Michael to help me sever (Doreen Virtue's Angeltherapy technique).  I no longer require to be in association with that place, situation and the people concerned.  I thank the universe for bringing me this challenging lesson.  I trust that the universe only brings me what I can handle and I release the whole experience to the light.

Towards the end of 2008, as we were approaching the Saturn retrograde (on 31st December 2008), I was once again given another lesson which questioned my decision-making skills to the core.  Thank you angels for sending me earth angels to help me through those tough days.  I trust my intuition and all the decisions made.  This Saturn retrograde in Virgo highlights a period (from now until May 2009) in which we need to face up to the lesson being delivered to us from the universe, the nature of which depends on the house your natal Saturn resides in. Pushing self-limiting beliefs and behaviours aside and constructively making plans to complete any outstanding projects is the message.


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