Friday, 10 April 2009

Crystal Culture

I've been searching for a reasonably priced crystal sphere for the past year.  The other day, I encountered two orangy-yellow transparent ones and wondered if they were citrine.  The stallkeeper confirmed otherwise and went on to tell me that they were even better than citrine at attracting wealth (even though I hadn't mentioned anything about money).  I asked for their prices but thought they were unreasonable.  She immediately asked if I wanted to buy one.  I politely declined and began to browse other products. However, every crystal I subsequently picked up was accompanied by a brief commentary of what they were and why I should buy them.  

To me, crystals are sacred.  They 'call' to us when the timing is right.  We purchase it and work with it.  We are not owners but guardians of them.  The low energy of the stallkeeper did no justice to her crystals.  A genuine crystal lover/guardian would still give you information on the crystal, but the focus is on teaching, learning and healing, instead of profit-making.  The energies of these crystal vendors vibrate at much higher levels.  And most importantly of all, they let you browse in peace!

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