Friday, 30 April 2010

Life Analogies

Often, I hear people around me complaining about their wishes not coming true.  They have 'sent' their wish list to the Universe and eagerly await for the results to deliver.  Besides the fact that the wish may not be for the highest good, there are other factors to consider.

While listening to Doreen Virtue's radio show last week, I picked up some useful analogies which I want to share them with everyone here.

Telling the Universe what you wish for is like sending a letter.  You must letter go of the letter in order for it to be delivered to its designated recipient.  If you hold onto the letter (i.e. not letting go), then the letter won't get delivered.

Communicating your wishes with the Universe is also liken to ordering in a restaurant.  You make your order then sit back and relax while you wait for your food.  You do not give your order to the waiter, then march into the kitchen to tell the chef how you want your food cooked exactly.  Just like you do not tell the Universe in specific details how you want your wish to be granted, perhaps a few general criteria could be helpful, e.g. for the highest good, to feel happy, so in the restaurant analogy, it would be like requesting to have your steak served medium/rare/well done.

Give the Universe time to set your wishes in place.  Your wish may involve another person, and unless that individual is ready, the wish cannot be fulfilled.  Divine timing is the key.  Having patience is another important factor - I'm the worst person to preach this being such an impatient soul!  But this is like gardening, where the seed has germinated in the soil but our eyes cannot detect this minute growth.  I remember back in primary school, everyone in my class was given a seed by our teacher.  She told us to get a pot, water it as necessary and bring it to school in a few weeks to see how everyone had done.  Being impatient, I dug up the seed everyday to check its growth!  Needless to say, my seed did not germinate at all because I was not able to let it do its own growing.  We simply need to have the patience to wait for the shoot to push through the soil and into the light.

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