Saturday, 8 May 2010

External World Versus Internal Space

Since becoming acquainted with New Age spiritualism, 'The Secret' in particular, I have wondered how to accommodate two areas of my beliefs which appear to be at opposite poles.

As an astrologer interested in various teachings of divination (e.g. palmistry, face reading, Chinese astrology etc), I have wondered how positive thinking could turn one's life round when it is not 'written' in your life contract to begin with.  The art of free will plays a huge part, in that, something that is 'pre-destined' can be overridden by one's free will.  However, if something is meant for the highest good, then one will continue to encounter that on one's life path, i.e., we have the power (or free will) to push it away, instead of embracing it, but it will keep on coming back to you.  For example, if being a fashion designer is your natural talent, opportunities will be thrown your way to explore and expand that potential.  If this individual is tempted by other reasons, (e.g. money, status) and decides to stray from this path, then s/he has the free will to do so.  However, true happiness awaits those who are following the path which is for their highest good.  

The other day, I was watching a fortune-telling TV programme.  The Chinese astrologer was asked if one undergoes plastic surgery, would the person's fortune be changed?  The answer is no, not unless it is accompanied by internal changes.  Facial features (and also lines on palms) are a reflection of one's internal world. For example, for a female to have a raised bump on the bridge of her nose denotes someone who tends to have turbulent relationships because of her paranoia towards her partner/spouse.  If this person removes the bump, would she become more trusting of her partner?  No, not unless she makes a conscious effort to self-reflect and then cultivate trust in her partner.   This is the link I have been seeking.  So just because we are 'born' with certain facial features/palm lines/patterns in birthcharts, we are not destined/doomed, we still have the power to exert conscious control.  Through your own choice of spiritual faith (or not), erroneous thinking can be corrected, thus achieving a cleansed internal state.

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