Saturday, 15 May 2010

Uranus in Aries

Since becoming an avid astrologer, I have been keeping a close watch on the planetary movements above and so any planets going retrograde (appearing to be moving backwards from earth's viewpoint) I would be fully aware of .  However, I had a shock when I discovered Mercury went direct on 11th May - when did it go retrograde?!  How did I miss it?  I vaguely remembered one was coming, but this is the first time I actually missed it totally.  Accompanied with this revelation was the realisation that transiting Uranus is a degree away from conjunct my natal Mercury.  How did I miss that too?  This then made me pick-up my paperback ephemeris and found that Uranus will soon leave Pisces and will enter Aries in two weeks' time.  Uranus has been in Pisces since 11th March 2003 with an interlude in Aquarius between June to November 2003.  Therefore, for the past 7 seven years, the planet of sudden change and unpredictability has been residing in Pisces, a rather soft and gentle sign and is now approaching towards the more feisty and energetic Aries.   It will be under the influence of this bold and courageous sign from 28th May until 15th May 2018.  

With Uranus, expect the unexpected.  It is easier to go with the flow and be flexible.  Uranus is about shaking out the old and welcoming the new.  Depending on your house cusps and planetary placements in your chart, Uranus in Aries will carry a different message for everyone. But here is the general focus for the next 7 years:

Aries:  Uranus passing through your first house of physical appearance may bring on a sudden desire to have an image change, or to start a new exercise regime.  You may be forced to change the way you see the world.

Taurus:  With Uranus tucked away in your 12th house of secrets, hidden talents and the Universal unconscious, you may discover a side to you that you didn't know existed. Feelings of instability may arise without knowing the reason.  Old problems may resurface,  requiring you to clear them away from your system.

Gemini:  Uranus in your 11th house of friends, community and hopes may denote a period of reaching out and joining forces with those in society who are not afraid to challenge traditional values.  New goals, new lifestyle and new friends are likely to be the main theme during this time.

Cancer:  Uranus stomping into your 10th house of career and public status is likely to be accompanied with some radical changes in your profession.  You could change your job or a change in your social status is likely.  During this period, you feel empowered with the energy to trot down the unbeaten path and stand up to authoritative figures.

Leo:  Uranus in your 9th house of higher learning and foreign travel may denote opportunities to travel.  Having an open mind could help you to accept and incorporate a new way of viewing the world.

Virgo:  With Uranus in your 8th house of shared resources, sudden changes in your joint finances with your partner is likely.  Intense and fateful events may open up past wounds; deal with them face-to-face and release them from your psyche.

Libra:  Uranus in your 7th house of partnership may signify unexpected changes in your existing relationships, from starting or ending a partnership abruptly to having more arguments and conflicts with others.

Scorpio:  With Uranus spending the next 7 years in your 6th house of workplace and daily routine, you are likely to find yourself with new challenges and responsibilities in your job, or even totally change your place of work, possibly to acquire more freedom.  You may adopt a new attitude to how you work.

Sagittarius:  With the planet of sudden change transiting in your 5th house of self-expression and creativity, you may be inspired to be more adventurous with your romantic relationships.  In general, you tend to be drawn to new experiences and may take on a new approach in your creative work.  Your children, if you have any, may be going through a rebellious stage.

Capricorn:  With Uranus bounding into your 4th house of home, family and ancestral roots, you may be planning on a change of scenery in the home front, e.g. moving house, renovating your existing home.  Changes may also occur with your family members. 

Aquarius:  With Uranus in the 3rd house of communication and mental attitudes, changes are likely to occur in your way of thinking.  This may also be the time where you break away from old habits.  

Pisces:  Your finances may go through a period of instability with Uranus in your 2nd house of material possessions, earnings and self-values.  This is likely to be the time when old values are thrown out of the window, particularly on how you view material goods.


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