Saturday, 9 October 2010

Astrological aspects on a painting

Besides the plaques showing the zodiac signs, I also came across another painting with an astrological association:

Can you see it? Let take a closer look:
Let's zoom in further at the tower:
Can you see the twelve glyths of the zodiac within the circle? Also the different aspects in the next inner layer:
Conjunction is show by the new moon; square by the square shape; trine by the triangle. However, opposition looks more like the sextile symbol.

Here's some background info on the painting:


  1. My name is Christian and I follow your blog Cosmic Potentials and I find it very interesting. I look also for Astrology on paints, places and more. I have a picture of the Astronomy "clock" in the Cathedral of Lund Sweden. I have seen more paints in other Cathedrals in Italy. I Wish u a good day take care bye

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog Christian. About 7 years ago, I came across a stained-glass window in Cologne cathedral, Germany, which depicted the 12 signs of the zodiac! I thought it was ironic to see astrology in a church.

  3. Thank u for the quick answer. I talked to a old lady from Germany last week and in the conversation she mentioned something about the city of Cologne...just a coincidence...anyway my father send me a letter a long time ago in which it was a postcard, I´ll publish it on my blog "aspects", of a painting in the Cathedral of Monreale...My thoughts were that there´s a truth in the sky, solarsystem, planets and so on...feel free to interpret!

  4. Hi Cosmic Potentials how´s your Moon Eclipse today?

  5. I can't really 'feel' anything significant....just the usual. I feel sorry for the people who are stuck in airports across Europe though!


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