Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

A month ago, Susan Miller, one of my favourite astrologers, wrote in her monthly horoscopes that the Mercury retrograde in December would cause havoc in anything related to communications. Therefore, she recommended that Christmas shopping should best be completed by the end of November. Watching the news today, I totally agree with Susan. Christmas deliveries are being delayed due to the heavy snow across the UK. Not to mention countless travellers facing the prospect of spending their Christmas at the airport.

It is interesting to note that Mercury is currently retrograding in the sign of Sagittarius - foreign travels. This planet of communication has just come out of a conjunction with the Sun, which opposed the Moon in Gemini just yesterday (i.e. Full Moon & lunar eclipse). This is a time when a culmination point is reached and we are faced with a need to clear away all the things that no longer work, and to make room for a fresh start. The full moon in Gemini, a sign ruled by Mercury, may denote a time to take an inventory of our lives (an apt time with the approach of 2011 just coming round the corner), and to let go of any emotional attachments which may be clouding our rational judgement. Perhaps an injection of objectivity and logic could help to stabilise our emotions and to help us think more clearly.

I hope the airport staff will be able to overcome their stress (Moon) and put on their thinking caps (Mercury) in order to ease the congestions in the airport lounges across Europe.

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