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The Energy of 2012 - Neptune

Neptune, the planet of illusion and spirituality, takes 164 years to complete one cycle of the zodiac.  Currently, it is in its final degrees of Aquarius and will enter Pisces early next year.  It had a brief visit in this dreamy sign back in early April and returned to Aquarius by early August.  This imaginative planet will be in its own sign, Pisces, for the next 14 years from 4th February 2012 and will pass the torch onto Aries by the end of January 2026.
As a Pisces, I should welcome this ingress.  After all, living under the current waves of economic turmoil, turning to spirituality of some form does help the soul to escape and get some inner peace and healing; as is developing compassion and exercise the act of kindness to those in need.  However, it's not that I can't accept having boundaries and structures dissolved by Neptune, it's the fact that this planet can bring deception into the game.  A pet hate of mine.

In Robert Hand's Planets in Transits, he mentions that 'planets pertaining to the ego drives - Mars, the Sun and Saturn - may produce fear, insecurity and anxiety when transited by Neptune by conjunction, square or opposition.' Great!  I am due to have my Mars, Sun and South Node conjunct by Neptune in the coming 12 years, this in turn, will activate my Saturn and North Node which are in opposition to my Piscean cluster.   So I have that to look forward to......of course, it's not all doom and gloom, as each planet carries positive and negative energies to be expressed slightly different by us mortals.

In 2012, Neptune will pass between 28 degrees and 54 minutes Aquarius and 3 degrees 9 minutes Pisces.  Any planets, points or angles between these degrees will get a strong taste of Neptune, depending on the angle they make with it.

For the purpose of this entry, I will focus on the Sun only. A tight orb of 1 degree is used.

You know you have been zapped by Neptune when matters become unclear and boundaries are being trespassed and/or removed.  A feeling of confusion then sets in.  As with all aspects, it is merely a life lesson.  Riding along with the motion may be easier than swimming against the current.  Extract the essence of the lesson then move on.  This is easier said than done, especially when Neptune clouds your perception, but stick with it and you are likely to come out of this transit with your hard-earned dosage of spiritual wisdom.

Pisces (born between 19th to 22nd February) and Aquarius (born between 16th to 19th February) will have Neptune tightly conjunct their Sun in 2012.  The initial stage may bring confusion concerning their identity and their life path.  Positively, this transit can heighten their sensitivity and intuition.  On the down side, they may be prone to deception and betrayal as Neptune can flood them with sympathy and compassion for those who appear to be less fortunate than themselves.  Forewarned is forearmed.  There is no need to put up a barrier for the next 14 years and adopt a Mulder attitude of 'Trust no one'.  If matters become unclear, demand clarification.  Take advantage of the creative and healing side of this transit instead.

For Taurus (especially those born between 18th to 21st May), Gemini (21st to 25th May), Scorpio (19th to 22nd November) and Sagittarius (22nd to 26th November), Neptune will square them tightly in 2012.  These people may find their well-planned out paths get flooded by Neptune, causing confusion and disorientation for the future.  Life could also bring other forms of disappointments, depending on the house Neptune is transiting in, which can force these people to alter their old beliefs, values and attitudes.  The challenge here is not to wallow in self-pity and to give in to addiction.  The purpose of any Neptune transit is not to cause unease but to feel at one with the universe, that physically, we are separate entities, but spiritually, we are all part of the universal light.

For Leo (20th to 23rd August) and Virgo (23rd to 27th August), Neptune will oppose them tightly in 2012.    Misunderstandings are more likely to crop up in their dealings with other people.  They should consider only to put their trust in those who have proved their worth and integrity.  Be cautious before entering into any new ventures as they may not be what they seem.  Again, spiritual enlightenment and a new way of viewing life await those who manage to navigate their way out of the fog.

Aries (17th to 20th April), Taurus (20th to 24th April), Sagittarius (19th to 22nd December) and Capricorn (22nd to 26th December) should find it easier to tune into Neptune's spiritual energy with a sextile to it.  They are likely to be sensitive to the needs of their friends around them. The blurring of boundaries is understood and assimilated into their systems much more gently.  They may also become involved in spiritual pursuits of some kind.

Gemini (18th to 21st June), Cancer (21st to 25th June), Libra (20th to 23rd October) and Scorpio (23rd to 27th October) are also able to tap into Neptune's realm of imagination and creativity under this transit (trine).  The danger here is procrastination.  Harness the artistic energy and funnel it into projects that are close to their heart - chances are that these people know what those dreams are.  Being overly idealistic is the other pitfall in this transit, however, if they clear away the fog of idleness and focus on their intentions like a laser beam, manifesting those plans can become a reality.

Which house will Neptune visit in your chart in 2012?

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