Saturday, 7 April 2012

Venus in Gemini 2012

Venus normally stays in a sign for three to four weeks, but due to its retrograde motion, it is to remain in Gemini for three months - from 3rd April to 7th August.

With Mercury ruling Venus for three months, the Venusian qualities are being expressed through the spoken word and the objective mind, particularly that Mercury finally goes direct on 4th April, ending the period of introspection of the mind.  Mercury in Pisces may inspire you to utter loving words, but if you're not feeling brave enough, perhaps with Mercury re-entering Aries on 16/17th April, it may provide you with the much needed push to boldly serenade to your object of affection.

Besides love and relationships, Venus also rules money and sensory pleasures.  With the Sun and Mercury ingressing into Taurus (a sign ruled by Venus) on 19th April and 9 May respectively, practical concerns move to the fore with this energy shift  into the earth element.  Spend money on beautifying your living space, titillate your palate on exotic cuisines, unwind at a spa with an aromatherapy massage, admire paintings by your favourite artist in an art gallery, or simple take a walk in the local park - just stimulate and indulge your five senses.

By 15th May, Venus goes retrograde at 23 degrees 59.9 minutes and turns direct again on 27th June at 7 degrees 29.3 minutes.  Look in your natal chart for planets in Gemini between these degrees, and any mutable signs too (Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces).  Planets in retrograde allow us to slow down and turn within.  In Venus, we are encouraged to introspect in relation to our values and beliefs during this six-week period.  What do you value the most?  What are your beliefs?  This is also a time to review the state of your current relationships.  Are you happy where you are or do you want to take things to a different level?  Concerning finances, this may be the time to evaluate your assets and shop around for the best deals on offer, but remember this is a time of review and evaluation rather than action.

Venus in Gemini will form a T-Square with my natal Sun-Saturn opposition by mid-April and in mid-June.  Interesting times ahead concerning my self-esteem and belief system - be kind to me, Goddess!

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