Friday, 1 June 2012

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius 2012

Two weeks after the solar eclipse in Gemini, we have a partial lunar eclipse at 14 degrees 14 minutes Sagittarius on 4th June 12.13 (BST).  This is a Strawberry Moon because according to Native American folklore, June is considered to be the month for harvesting strawberries. (  Further investigation led me to the fact that each full moon has its own name:

The shadow period for this lunar eclipse is 4 hours 30 minutes.  Unlike solar eclipses, one hour of the shadow period for lunar eclipses is equivalent to one month so this lunar eclipse will have an influence of 4 and a half months.  The sensitive point is at 14 degrees 14 minutes Sagittarius, so any planets passing over this point in the natal chart will be significant for 4 and a half months after the onset of this lunar eclipse.

Full Moons are culmination points, a time when the Sun fully illuminates the Moon and the shadow qualities are under solar glare.  In Sagittarius, the seeker of truth, we may hold a set of beliefs on how the world works, but do you force your beliefs onto other people?  Where are you being judgmental?  What's true for you may not necessarily be true for other people.  Look for 14 degrees 14 minutes Sagittarius in your chart and see which house this lunar eclipse falls in.  

With the Sun, Venus (in retrograde), Mercury and the South Node in Gemini, we have a brigade of planets focusing on the mind.  This is not just a time to ponder on the facts, but to go beyond the superficial and extract what's true for you and release inauthentic materials from your system.  What do you truly value in your relationships with others and with yourself?

This lunar eclipse square my natal 8th house Sun, though conjunction and opposition are the major aspects normally considered.  Let's see if this will bring a message/insight, which creates enough discomfort in my system for me to delve into my solar abyss of the 8th and do some soul searching there.

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  1. Hi! I'm a leo with a sag ascendant, and this eclipse will be conjunct to my 14 degree asc in my first house. What should I be careful about?

  2. This lunar eclipse, tightly conjunct your ASC, is likely to flag up issues associated with how you relate to other people. Perhaps there's a difference of opinion/values, or you could meet people who are mirroring hidden parts of you, making you face your shadows...

  3. Hello. I'm a Pisces with a Cancer Ascendant. The lunar eclipse will be conjunct my natal saturn at 9°44" sag and my natal mars/uranus at 21°54 and 22°17" respectively, all in the sixth house of my natal chart. This eclipse will also oppose my natal chiron at 9°36" of gemini in my twelfth house. What should I watch for? I have a good feeling about this one as Uranus has always been very powerful in my chart as it makes a nearly exact square to my natal sun in the tenth house.

  4. Hello! I'm really trying to figure this all out. Am I looking for exactly 14 degrees in Sag? In my birth chart, there isn't an exact 14 degrees anywhere so I assume not?

    Should I be looking at house positions or planetary positions?

    Sorry to be so rudimentary--would appreciate any help so much! I want to understand what this eclipse means for my next 4.5 months...

  5. Hi .. thank you for your article!
    I am a Scorpio Sun and Gemini rising 17º and Moon in Sagittarius on the 7th 19º .. been anxious to feel some good vibes as the past 2 years i had enough of bad ones .. any hint?

    Thank U*


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