Saturday, 30 June 2012

VOC diary for the week beginning 2nd July 2012

British Summer Time
Monday 2nd July:  VOC from 23:20 to 23:50

Tuesday 3rd July:  Mars enters Libra at 13:31
                                        Full Moon in Capricorn at 19.51  

Wednesday 4th July:  VOC from 13:25 ---->

Thursday 5th July:  ----> to 01:25

Friday 6th July: VOC from 16:48 ---->

Saturday 7th July:  ----> to 05:29

Sunday 8th July: VOC from 11:59 (until Monday 13:13)

Hong Kong Time
Monday 2nd July:  *************

Tuesday 3rd July:  VOC from 06:20 to 06:50
                                Mars enters Libra at 20:31

Wednesday 4th July: Full Moon in Capricorn 02:51
VOC from 20:24 --->

Thursday 5th July:  ---->  to 08:25

Friday 6th July: VOC from 23:48 --->

Saturday 7th July:  ---> to 12:29

Sunday 8th July:  VOC from 18:59 (until Monday 20:13)

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