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Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 2012 - Part 2

Cosmic Potential Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 2012
Solar eclipses are super-powered new moons, with a longer-lasting effect.  With a shadow period of 3 hours and 13 minutes, this solar eclipse in Scorpio at 21 degrees 56 minutes will have an after-effect of up to 3 years.

This eclipse aspects the following Sun signs:

  •  conjunct Scorpios born between 10th - 17th November
  •  oppose Taureans born between 8th - 15th May
  •  square Aquarians and Leos born between 7th - 14th January and 11th - 17th August respectively
The effect of having your sun eclipsed is likely to have an impact on your confidence level.  Depending on the exact aspect involved, it could act as a boost or a kick to your self-image.  Male figures could feature significantly at this time.  It is likely to be a time when you get noticed or recognised (positive aspects).  Celeste Teal's Eclipses goes into greater detail and those of you who are proficient in reading the degrees of your planets will be able to find out more about what it means to have different natal planets eclipsed.

The point of '21 degrees 56 minutes Scorpio' has been sensitised by this solar eclipse, so subsequent planets transiting this point will 'activate' the energy of this eclipse.  In a previous post, I mentioned that this eclipse in Scorpio, in conjunction to the North Node, is a time of rewards and opportunities.  However, in Scorpio (plus Saturn in Scorpio), we are asked to work for the 'gift'.  We are urged to bravely admit and release what's no longer required.  In the next 3 years, the following planets will transit over this point, which act as a 'reminders' for us to cleanse and remove debris from our systems:

Transiting Mercury will conjunct this point on 20/21st November and transiting Venus will follow suit on 9th December.  However, these fast-moving planets only have transient effects.  Watch out for Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in the coming 3 years instead:

Mars - spurs you into actions and brings possible conflicts
22nd Jan 2013   in Aquarius (square)
19th May 2013  in Taurus (opposition)
1st Oct 2013  in Leo (square)
1st Sept 2014 in Scorpio (conjunction)
1st Jan 2015 in Aquarius
11th Sept 2015 in Leo

Jupiter - brings expansion, good or bad
Due to its retrograde motion, Jupiter will square this eclipse point on 17/18th November 2014, 29th December 2014 and 2nd July 2015.

Saturn - brings restructuring and constraints (especially conjunctions and oppositions); development tends to be slow; the final one is said to bring closure to the situation (that is, if the native has been working on the task throughout the period in question, as denial impedes progress.  However, with this number conjunctions, one has to be rather obstinate to ignore the Saturnian lessons).  
Saturn is due to exactly conjunct the eclipse point on the following days:

  • 20/21st Jan 2014
  • 13th Apr 2014
  • 14th October 2014 (this brings closure to the situation)

In Scorpio, the effect is likely to be more psychological in nature, or at least, not visible to the outside world.  For example, you are living in the same house and working in the same company but you are struggling with your co-workers/boss (office politics is under the realm of Scorpio).  Unless you voice your concerns, no-one will be aware of your inner turmoil.  

Ruled by Pluto and Mars, Scorpio is a harsh yet regenerative sign.  It forces you to face your fears.  You lose your job, your spouse, your family but as one chapter closes, another one begins - think of the phoenix rising from the ashes. (I'm just giving examples and not suggesting these things will happen to you under the effect of this eclipse, it could....).  As a mortal, you may see the situation as deadly, but Scorpio has other plans for you.  I once saw a local astrologer wrote:  Scorpio is kind.  It pushes you to the cliff's edge then pulls you back.  Really?  Not the Scorpio I'm familiar with!  Shouldn't it be 'pushes you over the cliff's edge (thinking you'll die from it) and then you land in the expansive ocean below, where you find yourself enjoying the swim?  (i.e. life after 'death', you still live through the crisis and then realise that what you had perceived as 'death'/the end was just a doorway to a new chapter.  A chapter that you did not believe existed.  OK, depending on your chart, you may find yourself swimming for a while before you encounter a shark  (i.e. another challenge), but don't forget that you have signed up for whatever you have in your birth chart so have trust in the Universe that you are equipped to deal with it.  This is what I am saying to myself currently as I meet one baby shark after another.  And yes, I'm fearing the big one but there's nothing I can do about that.  Land is far away.......just deal with it (positive manifestation of Saturn) instead of deferring authority and act out of despair (negative manifestation of Saturn).

NB:  All dates given are approximate.  Check out the actual degree of each planet is the accurate option.  Interested parties can go to to get a free copy of their birth chart (birth time required).  Dates given for planetary transits are exact conjunction to the eclipse point, +/-a few days to take into account of the 3-degree orb for solar eclipses.

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