Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 2012

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 2012 Cosmic Potential
The new moon in Scorpio on 13th November at 22:09 (GMT) is the second solar eclipse this year.  This time, it is visible across the South Pacific Ocean. With  a shadow period of  3 hours and 13 minutes, the effect of this solar eclipse is likely to last for approximately 3 years thereafter.  (http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/SEmono/TSE2012/TSE2012.html,

For the technicalities behind eclipses, take a look at my blog entry on the previous solar eclipse: http://cosmicpotential.blogspot.hk/2012/05/solar-eclipse-in-gemini-2012.html

This eclipse sensitises the point at 21 degrees Scorpio 56 minutes, so any subsequent transiting planets passing over this degree will re-activate the message of this eclipse.  (Allow an orb of 3 degrees for eclipses.)

This solar eclipse conjuncts the North Node, which traditionally symbolises a positive new beginning, bringing hope and good fortune.

With a strong Scorpionic background (Sun, Moon, North Node and Saturn in Scorpio), the essence of this eclipse is: To begin a chapter, one needs to close another.

This solar eclipse in deep and profound Scorpio is encouraging us to bring light to the dark, to become aware of the hidden aspects of life and be willing to face and release our demons lurking down in the abyss of our psyche.

If you are willing to release your demons and make room for the new, then this solar eclipse can support your spiritual journey in your mundane existence on this planet.  After all, we have Neptune (becoming direct 3 days before this eclipse) trine Saturn, and Chiron (becoming direct a day after this eclipse), sextile Saturn,  so we are encouraged to make practical use of spiritual teachings to restructure your everyday living. 

Mercury, retrograding in Sagittarius, conjunct the North Node, which further emphasises the need for introspection, but in Sagittarius, be optimistic and adventurous about it.  This jolly Mercury is also sending a trine to the Uranus-Pluto square, injecting a touch of optimism into the ongoing global disturbances, at least we are beginning to see the philosophical side to it all.  

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