Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Make the most of your chart

Cosmic Potential 2013 Chart analysis
Many astrologers have discussed the concept of freewill in astrology.

In a natal chart, we are given many different routes of expression.  

We tend to side with one end of an opposition while disowning the other, or we could hop from one side to the other.  

Internal struggle can find its way to our system with a square, while the intensity in a conjunction can act like blindspots to aspects of our personality.

We can't rid ourselves of the oppositions and squares in our chart, but we do have freewill in how we can deal with them.  'Consciousness' is the key.  I can't even remember where I had read this but if you have a square or opposition, e.g. Venus square Saturn, frustrations may arise in love relationships where the native ultimately needs to learn to love him/herself.  The blockage can be ameliorated by becoming conscious of this psychological tendency.  With this awareness, the individual can learn from the expression of a trine and/or sextile between Saturn-Venus, e.g. to develop a realistic view of what to expect from others and to be cautious without being suspicious.

Currently, I'm grappling with my Moon-Uranus opposition.  I'm forever hopping from one end to the other:  craving intimacy one moment (Moon) and yearning for freedom the next (Uranus).  It's driving me nutty at the moment, though I know this is merely a learning opportunity - for me to learn to express it as if it is a Moon-Uranus sextile or trine.

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